The Ultimate Question - The best possible party.

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User Info: eckot420

8 years ago#1
Ok, here goes. These are the must-include characters:


After that it's a little more up in the air.

Of the centaur class, Eric is the best choice but if not chosen at Creed's mansion takes a lot of work to level up.
Same goes for Randolf with the Warrior class.

Luke flies and can use swords.
Gerhalt has a very strong attack.
Elric and Janet both could make good choices of long range attackers.
Chester and Rick both could, possibly, be good pegasus knights.
Sheela is a Master Monk, which needs nothing else to be said.
Lemon is a strong choice.
There are many other characters...

What's the best party and why? Is Karna a better VICR than MMNK? Who's a better sorcerer, Kazin or Tyrin? Or should they both be Wizards? Well thought out answers only please.

User Info: TSDx

8 years ago#2
Karna definately master monk.

May is a very good ranged attacker too.

User Info: Brother Maynard

Brother Maynard
8 years ago#3
1) What's the best party and why?
2) Is Karna a better VICR than MMNK?
3) Who's a better sorcerer, Kazin or Tyrin? Or should they both be Wizards?...

1) Best can be defined so many different ways. Is it the best starting stats? The best growths? The least amount of work to get good? Anyway, I think that the best party is one that is best suited to your playing style. (Yes I know it's a cop out, but it's true)

2) MMNK for sure. Why give her inferior stats and weapons when she can have better? You do get 2 Vigor Balls for that exact reason

3) Kazin makes a better Sorcerer. Why, because of his awful spell selection. Blaze, Desoul, Muddle, and Dispel. One decent attack spell in the bunch, and that attack spell doesn't even benefit from added range like Bolt and Freeze both do. So, Kazin loses his crappy spells, his range isn't affected, and gains much more useful spells.

Yes, these are my opinions. opinions are like noses, everyone has one and they all smell.

-Brother Maynard

User Info: JDAdams

8 years ago#4
I never use Karna or Tyrin - my party is:


This is the most varied party, certainly - it includes all the unique classes plus the core characters with their special promotion items.
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User Info: Elrick75

8 years ago#5
I personally find the best team to be:

Sarah (MMNK)
Kazin (SORC)
Rick (PGNT)
Eric (PLDN)
Karna (MMNK)
Randolf (BRN) (although I usually leave him as GLDT and make Jaha my BRN)
Tyrin (WIZ)

(O,o) ORLY?

User Info: spadesZero

8 years ago#6
Well, like it's been said before, "BEST" could be described in many ways. If you are looking for a party to just beat the game with, as in, you are going to promote your characters at level 20 and play the game normally, I'd recommend something like this:

Bowie (Hero)
Sarah (Master Monk)
Kazin (Sorcerer)
Jaha (Baron)
Slade (Ninja)
Peter (Phoenix)
Luke (Bird Battler)
May (Bow Knight)
Gerhalt (Wolf Baron)
Karna (Master Monk)
Tyrin (Wizard) (unless you don't feel like picking him up late game and power leveling him, in which case go with Chaz)
Lemon (Red Baron)

Now then, that should get you through the game with a pretty damn good team in the mid-20's promoted without too much hassle.

However, if you are not beneath getting all of your toons to level 40 before promoting them, and then powerlevel them further (40 promoted), there are a few things to consider.

1. Everyone will be overpowered and capable of a LOT of things... The only variable at this point that is unchangable (Attack, Defense, Agility will be through the roof) is MOV. Therefore, you want to pick a team with as high MOV as possible. Or, at the very least, the ability to hover and go over terrain with ease.

2. Already promoted characters are out of the question. They simply won't be able to keep up with your 'promoted at 40' team.

Here's my recommendation:

Bowie (Hero)
Sarah (Master Monk)*
Slade (Ninja)
Peter (Phoenix)
May (Bow Knight)
Gerhalt (Wolf Baron)*
Rick (Paladin)
Luke (Bird Battler)
Eric (Pegasus Knight)
Randolf (Baron)
Karna (Master Monk)*
Tyrin (Wizard)

* Improve their MOV with a Running Pimento or Running Ring.

If you actually took the time to powerlevel like mad, the above party would likely be the best possible result. Note that nothing in the game would provide anything close to remotely resembling a challenge at that point. :)

I'm not going to do that because I think it's boring. But if you want to, by all means :)

User Info: vegafoo

8 years ago#7
Gerhalt should definitely be on every team. Kiwi should not.
PSN: vegafoo

User Info: spadesZero

8 years ago#8
Kiwi, if leveled, gains some good stats, overcomes his low HP disadvantage, and has a really decent movement method (hovering), despite his low MOV rating. But Gerhalt has him beat, and the running pimentos/running ring are best given to him and the two master monks in any given scenario, leaving Kiwi useless and kicked out of the band.

User Info: Elrick75

8 years ago#9
Kiwi's biggest late game flaw is his biggest strength when you first promote him: His Flamethrower. It gets to the point where it's worse than his regular attack.
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