Wii version rated by the esrb

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User Info: Sagats_revenge

7 years ago#1
That means it's coming to virtual console...to anyone that cares.

btw, since no one else is here, I claim this board!!!!
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User Info: Bass_X0

7 years ago#2
Its coming to Europe next week.
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User Info: starsturncold

7 years ago#3
Any good?
I'm listening....

User Info: Slym

7 years ago#4
Why is SNK wasting time with this when people can just get the Orochi saga collection. Seriously these Neo Geo games cost 900 points each. I got the Orochi saga collection for like 15 bucks used.
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User Info: odino

7 years ago#5
Doensn't cost them anything to distribute digitally. Wii channels are super cheap and some people apparently don't care for better games out there.

User Info: Sagats_revenge

7 years ago#6
The vc release is based off the home console version (like all the other vc downloads), whereas the orochi saga was a compilation of arcade ports.
They call me the king for a reason. --Sagat in SFIV
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