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User Info: Tacosnak

5 years ago#1
I have only been able to play like 3 matches since launch. I am in the California US area and would like to have a better connection than the ones I have had w/ the JP people.

Please invite me and lets get some games going!
PSN - Seraphtacosnak

User Info: iori_iezzi

5 years ago#2
iezzi- psn

User Info: Redblaze27

5 years ago#3
Feel free to face me. I need more human opponent practice.
I tend to go by "Redblaze" or "Redblaze27" online.
PSN ID/Xbox 360 Gamertag - Redblaze27

User Info: spopperman

5 years ago#4
Add me if you want, will be online randomly till 13. shaggy_la

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