My best game yet :D

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User Info: FreezinIceKirby

7 years ago#1
The other day, I started to play just casually, not really expecting to finish the game or anything. I've been playing this game (the NES one, not the arcade) for over 15 years, so I'm pretty good at the game.

Well, somehow, my luck was phenomenal when I started playing! Never had I ever played this well in my entire life.

I was able to get all the way up to A6 without dieing ONCE. I was worried during stages like 68 (which is hard to do with the shoe) and 87 (an incredible pain in the ass thanks to those water bubbles), but I was incredibly lucky and finished them without any hassle (got the heart on the former and all the letters on the latter, so I was able to bypass them). Unfortunately, no matter how many times I practice that stage, I always seem to die at least once on A6 (the no-floor-constantly-falling stage). I also died again on B0. Hey, it's not my fault; once you get up to level 50 or so and you haven't died once, enemies turn red instantly and will break out of their bubbles within a second (or less)... and it becomes insanely hard, sometimes overwhelming.

Overall, the highest I got in regards to lives was up to E (A=10 lives, so E=14), but eventually dropped down to B (lost a life on A6, another on B0, then had to use a life to bring the second player to live so I could get the good ending).

I don't recall exactly what my final score was, but I think it was 4,054,170 (that's including the million you get when you defeat the final boss). It's not enough to beat the highest score ever gotten in this game, but it's still the best I have ever done to this date.

Oh, this was done during Super Bubble Bobble mode, not the normal game (you get Super Bubble Bobble by putting in B B A J I ).
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