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User Info: x_loto

9 years ago#1
Welcome to the signup thread for Dragon Quest Cosmos! DQC is a board-based game drawing from the original Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior, with added elements from DQ2 and DQ3 for greater variety in gameplay options. Each player controls a single "Descendant of Erdrick" attempting to slay the Dragonlord and prove his/her heritage! Could you be the true Descendant of Erdrick?


--Signing up is simple: Just post in this thread stating your intent, and choose a name (of reasonable length, please)! I will use my own algorithm to decide your character build from that, but the build is somewhat less important than your own choice of job class. There is no need to declare your future job unless you want to. Other than that, I have one question for those who decide to join: Should I host the game here, or move to a dead board?

--In general, each player will control only one character. Players are free to form parties, go on quests, and/or fight amongst themselves, among other things.
--Stat builds for each character are determined, as in the original game, by the character's name. However, I will be using my own algorithm, so consulting with the game will not give the results you expect.
--Along with the addition of player parties, there will also be monster parties; this is one of the additions from later games.
--Mechanics and stat growth will generally be the same as (or very similar to) true Dragon Quest. However, as the game progresses, unforseen areas of imbalance are bound to occur, and they will be fixed when they do. (Note that this whole system is a work in progress, so player input on mechanics will be vital to its success!)
--Character inventories have a maximum size of 12, including equipped items. Equipment may be changed during battle. Herbs and Keys can be bundled in groups of up to 6, and count as only 1 toward the inventory maximum.
--New quests, monsters, jobs, skills, and items will be introduced. More on those in their own sections!

--The penalty for death is 10% of the total amount needed for the next level. Ex: Say you have 1500 Exp, putting you at Lv9, when you are killed in battle. Lv9 occurs at 1300 Exp, and Lv10 occurs at 2000 Exp, so you lose 70--10% of 700. You will not lose a level if this puts you under the threshold for your current level.
--The penalty for a full-party death is 50% of each player's G, in addition to the previous penalty.

--This, I think, is the biggest change from the original game. Upon reaching Lv5, players may take quests to choose between Soldier, Fighter, Priest, Wizard. You may also stay as a Hero (renamed to Ranger--since there's more than one "Hero," I'm introducing the new terminology).
--Once you choose a job, it is yours for life. Players are free to postpone job selection until a later time, but you will revert to Lv5. (This is to prevent players from postponing job selection solely to take advantage of the Ranger's stats, as it is in your best interest to choose a job early. I'm not sure I like this setup, but it's the best I have for now. Suggestions?)
--Ranger: Identical to original Dragon Warrior "Hero."
--Soldier: Loses high-level magic. HP/Str+, MP/Agi-
--Fighter: Loses mid- to high-level magic, as well as most weapons and armor. Agi/Crit%+
--Priest: Loses high-end armor in exchange for high-level healing magic. MP+, HP/Str-
--Wizard: Loses high-end weapons and armor in exchange for high-level attack magic. MP+, HP/Str-
--All job classes retain the Heal and Hurt spells.

I'll leave this open for a while; I'm not sure just how long yet. Of course, even after the game opens, new signups will be welcome! Hope to see you all join in! ^_^
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User Info: Eroneous_Waylay

9 years ago#2
Count me in.

Garradum. Male, predisposed toward Fighter (in terms of attitude, if not stats.) Quiet and secretive.
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User Info: 1whoistornapart

9 years ago#3
(As a long-time FFD lurker, I'd be glad to sign up. Maybe that'll pull some more lurkers out of the woodwork :P)

Reid, a young man who hopes to one day become a practitioner of the healing arts (hint: priest) offers to join thy ranks.
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User Info: Lolo_Guru

9 years ago#4
I'll give this a go.

Dunno why, it just sounds interesting.

Dr. Lolo, slightly insane wizard at your service. ;)
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User Info: x_loto

9 years ago#5
Wow, three signups already! That's...almost three times as many as I expected this early! ^_^ More are welcome to hop in--it's a big pool!

Anyhow, 1whoistorn has reminded me of a detail that I'd forgotten above: Gameplay will generally consist of each player choosing an appropriate action, followed by an update of the game's status by me. Since FFD (Final Fantasy Dynamics, for those not in the know) has been running quite smoothly for a long time, I'll follow its lead on the size of the input window: Usually updates will occur every 48 hours, although they may occur sooner if everyone has their commands in early. If you miss your command, we can cover for you in the short term, but if you appear to have abandoned your character, s/he will run back to Tantagel and hide until you return. :-P

Signups thus far:
Garradum (Fighter)--Eroneous_Waylay
Reid (Priest)--1whoistornapart
Dr. Lolo (Wizard)--Lolo_Guru
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User Info: 1whoistornapart

9 years ago#6
Oh and to answer x_loto's question, while I certainly don't pretend to speak for this board, I have no objection to the game being hosted here rather than a dead one. I can't imagine anyone else would have any reasonable problem with it either, if nothing else the board is more active which I'd consider a good thing.

At worst it will arouse indifference... if indifference is something that can be aroused, which I doubt is semantically possible.

I will shut up now before my circuitous logic endangers us all ^_^
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User Info: x_loto

9 years ago#7
This is in response to 1whoistorn's epic triple post in the "Is anyone interested in playing this game..." thread. I thought it would have gone better here, so I'll answer here and just direct everyone there for the questions. ^_^

Wow, you must have put quite a bit of time into all that. Thank you! Actually, I have been thinking about many of your points already, although you've brought up a slew of new ones.

Re: Exp and Gold
My intention has been to at least double Exp, and I've been toying with the idea of doubling Gold drops as well. However, I'm not sure I can go with the idea of not splitting XP and GP among party members: Consider the case where a party of four defeats two Starwyverns alongside a soloist who also defeats two Starwyverns. If all five of them receive the same amount of XP and GP, where are the returns on the risk that the soloist has taken?

Re: Exp Requirements
I actually had not thought of changing the XP amounts for leveling, but you make a good case for adding an air of mystery and magic to level-ups. ^_^ I actually don't like the U.S. version's XP table, and had planned to use the Japanese version's (which differs by having Lvs. 17, 18, and 19 require only 3,000 points, making the distance between 29 and 30 become 3,535 instead of a paltry 535); however, with the addition of new job classes, I think a complete overhaul of the XP table might be better after all. Thank you for the idea!

Re: Stat Gains
Already ahead of you. New stat tables are galore for you to enjoy soon. I just hope they look as pretty in practice as they do in my imagination! ^_^

Re: Death Tax
I'm not worried about the mages using the soldiers as portable strongboxes. For one thing, there will be instances in which this strategy would backfire. >:-) For another, the Gold penalty only applies in the event of a full-party wipeout. Why would the mages give their money to the armored folken if the only way they would lose it is if said armored folken were also wiped out?

However, this could occur before players split up into parties before undertaking dangerous quests...I guess I'll just have to deal with it when it comes up. *shrugs*

Re: Random Other Things
I love references to power levels of 9,000. In my eyes, they will never grow old. ^_^

Gwaelin will never stop! But thou must!

Ship? Nonsense! Who needs sea travel when every location in the world is connected by bridge and/or subterranean passage? :-P *...still considering the addition of sea travel...*

Vault? Naw; there aren't that many items in this game, even with the several that I'll be adding. In fact, I may have given you too much space to hold things already. In a party of four, if Herbs come in bundles of 6, you could have 24 available for use before even dipping into MP reserves. Do you think I should remove the "bundling" aspect and count Herbs individually?

And that is all! ...For now!
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User Info: 1whoistornapart

9 years ago#8
Hehe, it took a while to type all that up but it wasn't really that much work. Game balance is something I've been interested in for a while, and it's only been in recent months that I've acquired the technical know-how and programming fluency to put my ideas into action. So, this is all stuff that's very fresh in my mind, it's just a matter of transferring thought into word. I'm just pleased that I could contribute, or at least get you thinking ;)

My intention has been to at least double Exp, and I've been toying with the idea of doubling Gold drops as well.

The problem is, even if you double the EXP and G it still gets divided by 4 amongst the individuals (I'm assuming standard party size would be four, though three could work too), meaning it will take twice as many monsters killed to gain levels and buy equips. We're dealing with groups now, yes, but in a tabletop sim like this that doesn't actually speed things up much...

EXP and G would have to be quadrupled just to equal the DWI rate of progress, and octupled to half the grind-time, and even THAT may not be expedient enough. Take FFD for example, it's been going a year and a half and you've only just gotten past Astos. That rate applied to DW would mean it could take weeks if not months just to reach Garinham.

You could make Lorik give you more money upon starting the game, but that's treating the symptoms not the disease. Grinding for the more expensive equipment would just be interminable later on (unless the world is overrun by Goldmen.)

where are the returns on the risk that the soloist has taken?

Actually I'd consider that a good thing, since there's no benefit to soloing whatsoever people will be encouraged to work together. Whether it's for the benefit of someone else (i.e. a new player just signing up could level up to par easily by tagging along with the experienced players and constantly parrying), or for your own needs, the point of these things imo is cooperation, not doing your own thing.

On the other hand, I have to admit I despise a flat-rate system in console RPGs, and I can completely understand why you wouldn't want to implement it. I do, however, think it's a less distasteful solution than applying huge coefficients to the original EXP and G drops, which would I suspect would work out a little too well for soloists or even dualists.

Again, you're the boss and I hope I'm not being too pushy with my opinions. My only motivation is to help you make this sim as fun as possible :P

Who needs sea travel when every location in the world is connected by bridge and/or subterranean passage?

Every location in the DWI world, yes, but it would be cool if DQC wasn't limited to just that ;). Plus you'd get tons of new enemy sets in the bargain.


Now that I think of it, I think I was more enticed by the idea of adding new mechanics than actual utility. Scratch vaulting.

In a party of four, if Herbs come in bundles of 6, you could have 24 available for use before even dipping into MP reserves. Do you think I should remove the "bundling" aspect and count Herbs individually?

Yeah, I think you should. The bundling aspect of DW1 seems intended to make up for the limited inventory slots that come with only having one character. As soon as a multi-character party was added in DWII bundling was removed, so it should probably apply here as well. Implicating again my pro-team slant :P

As a side note, 12 slots seems like too many even if you remove bundling. I'd suggest 10. Most store-bought items can be replicated by a spell, so with corresponding spells learned pretty much the only item it's worth it to carry is a Wing of Wyvern. (So that you can restore your MP and continue not using items.) In the meantime there's plenty of room for equips, torches, keys and herbs when you have 40 slots to choose from.
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User Info: DarthCansupes

9 years ago#9
So, the devious x_loto! We meet again!

Indeed, as I said over in FFD, I shall take part in this magnificent experiment. I have spent several whole minutes agonizing over name selection, and have settled on the name of one of my randomly created Disgaea characters. Thus, prepare your world for the arrival of Isidor. I'm not too sure on a job choice yet, but I'm leaning towards either Soldier or sticking with Ranger.

Looking forward to it!
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User Info: Amo387

9 years ago#10
[Cristo (not Kiryl) the Soldier appears!

I wanted to do an homage of some sort. XD This has officially been added to my list of sweet topics to constantly check up on. My life now has less free time. lol jk This'll be fun!

Darth, we can either be Soldiers together, or if you choose Ranger, there will then be one of each class. lol

Maybe make Herbs and such stack in piles of 2 or 3? Then a party of 4 would have 8-12 (if they each have just one stack), but a party of 1 would have, well, 2 or 3 and be able to carry a fair amount of stuff still. But with a capacity of 12, you can carry a fair amount... /shrug]
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