Wow AI controlled characters suck...

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User Info: megametal42

7 years ago#1
I bought a boxed copy of this game on ebay years ago, and I just put it in for the first time. Not only am I annoyed that I'm stuck with one character, like DW1, but when I finally get someone else, I can't control them! That Healie thing or whatever never heals when it needs to. And if it's not healing, it should just block! I can't even use it to heal myself outside of battle. That boss in the first tower keeps killing me so quickly because Healie won't heal...and I do have the sword of malice along with the best armor that I can buy at that point in the game. DW3 worked so well with PLAYABLE characters. What the hell did they do? As I read more about the game, I hear that once you finally have your full "party" that you only control the main character? Be honest with me, is it a huge pain in the ass? Does the AI suck then as well?
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User Info: DarkPaladin126

7 years ago#2
You can train the AI. And if that doesn't work, grind away some levels.
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User Info: sigma_1932

7 years ago#3
it's not a pain in the ass if you only bring physical attacking characters plus one healer and set them to "defensive" tactics, so they only either attack or heal.

User Info: KingMetalSlime

7 years ago#4
I've never been able to get the AI to work great, myself, but it generally at least works fairly decently other than for Cristo's affinity for Beat/Defeat and the fact that it's pretty much impossible to make use of some of the more useful buffing spells (like Bikill), because the AI just never uses them. It's perfectly possible to go through the majority of Chapter 5 without any of the magic-users in your party, though. This really isn't a difficult game by any means. However, you will want to take a healer with you to most of the boss battles, and offensive magic can help immensely against some of the earlier bosses in Chapter 5 if you're at a low level when taking them on.

User Info: ajetrumpet

7 years ago#5
if you have a game genie for the NES, all this goes away. there are countless numbers of codes you can use to stop this junk. there's even one to shut off the AI =)

User Info: Seyal

7 years ago#6
The AI in DW4 is not that bad.

I never had more fun in this game than running an all-mage party or Nara/Mara.

Tactic switching goodness. Actually had to think a lot to make it through, let alone the endgame.
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User Info: Stides40

7 years ago#7
I don't think I've ever played this without the game genie code to turn off the AI. Well other then when it first came out for NES. But yea I dont know what they were thinking. Why would we not want to control our characters? Really doesnt make sense to me.
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User Info: The_Bones

7 years ago#8
By turning off the AI with a game genie do you mean it switches back to manual control or do they just do nothing? Personally though I never had much trouble with the AI in this game.

User Info: Stides40

7 years ago#9
yea man the game genie code makes chapter 5 just like say, chapter 2. Fully in control!
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#10
I've only had one problem with the AI in this game, and it's Cristo repeatedly casting Beat/Defeat on bosses.

Aside from that stupidity, though, I love the AI in this game. This game made me decide to let the AI control all of my characters in the later games.
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