Zelda Outlands:HELP!! (possible spoilers)

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User Info: Nerf_Herder1234

9 years ago#1
First of all, this game is just awesome. It's great to be lost in a Zelda game once again!

Here's what I have found thus far:
White sword, raft, blue mail, ladder, power glove, magic boomerang, bombs, thunder arrow, bow, blue lantern, flute, meat, red potion/letter, and I have increased my bomb supply to hold 20 maximum.

I have completed(?) levels one through five and I have found the level nine entrance.

Levels six, seven, and eight elude me. I have also received four different clues. I have figured out three of them. The one I have not figured out yet is, "4 bombs 4 rightmost mountains".

That have anything to do with the other dungeons? Anyone want to drop any more hints please?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: BluesEclipse

9 years ago#2
"4 Bombs for 4 Rightmost Mountains" relates to how you access th Fortune Heights region and one of the dungeons. That's all I'll tell you, as the maker of the game has specifically requested hint/direction requests to go to him(his e-mail's in the manual).

And for the record, if you can't figure this one out yourself... good luck on quest 2.
Only in the deepest darkness does the purest light shine... only in the eclipse do light and darkness intertwine.

User Info: PowerPB13

9 years ago#3
Oddities of Outlands...the Lost Woods and Lost Hills locations and the flute warp locations are in the same spots as on the original Zelda's overworld map.

User Info: badboy4life6969

9 years ago#4
this will help for quest 2



psn: badboy4life6969
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User Info: The Admiral

The Admiral
9 years ago#5
^ That's not the game he's referring to.
- The Admiral

User Info: Nerf_Herder1234

9 years ago#6
Got it! After hours of blowing up/burning down everything in sight I not only found level six, but also found level seven. Also found two more overworld heart containers.

Still have the NW area of the map to search and I'll get on that when I play next. If level eight isn't in that area... man, I'll have to start searching all over again (though I doubt I missed anything, kept pretty good track of what I bombed/torched and have been tootin the flute just for the hell of it)

I'll find out soon. This game is so damn addictive!.

BTW--I have found only four overworld heart containers thus far, can anyone tell me if that is right or is there five overworld hearts like in the original Zelda? I have 14 hearts, and only level eight and nine remain. Starting to think I'm missing one...

User Info: MiniMoose2707

9 years ago#7
Wow, good job, I can't find level 6 or 7. Ironically though, I found level 9. If you could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

User Info: Nerf_Herder1234

9 years ago#8
I'm using a "brute force" approach. I made a map of the overworld on a piece of graph paper and began going screen to screen bombing, burning, and blowing everything.

After checking everything on that screen, I marked an X on the appropriate location on my crap map. It can get boring, so I recommend putting on some good tunes and sippin some suds (if you're old enough :) ).

I just finished level eight too. That one was actually easy, but then again... I enjoy fighting darknuts, even without a sword!! (I knew that doing swordless runs in LoZ would pay off someday lol).

The hardest dungeon for me so far was level 6, but I did that before I was able to get the master sword (that REALLY would have helped). It was also the hardest to find because (as far as I know) there are no clues as to its location. It will seem kind of obvious once you find it though. I got the feeling that SOMETHING just HAD to be in that area!

User Info: Nerf_Herder1234

9 years ago#9
Was able to finish it last night. From what I can gather, I missed one heart container, and the compass in level nine. I think the Heart is in the overworld somewhere since I only found four there. The original had five overworld hearts in each quest.

Oh well, I'll try to clean that stuff up the next time I play through the game. I'll probably start quest two tonight.

Wish I didn't have all of these RL obligations taking up my time. I'd like to play this game 24/7 until I finish it!!
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