Early-game magic key

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User Info: kirbymuncher

9 years ago#1
It's interesting to see how early on you can get the magic key, since it's generally thought of as something just for level 9 (At least by me)

First quest, just grab the bow from level 1, use some of the free money places to get a bow and a candle. You could also go after some heart containers/the white sword to make it a little easier, since you have a forced battle with 5 blue darknuts. Just go into level 8, head up until you get to ghoma, and then kill it and go right. Bring an extra key from level one.

Second quest is easier, IMO, but longer. Skip level one and get the whistle from level 2. Leave, and go to level 6. The wizards are fairly strong but you can just dodge them all, since the ladder is near the start. Once you get it, scrounge up some money, go buy bait, and head to level 8. It's pretty easy, since you can run through most of the rooms. The last one's hard, though, since the skeletons throw swords that deal 2 hearts per hit. You could get the white sword for this, too, but it isn't as important as first quest.

Anyways, has anyone ever tried this before? It's really awesome just being able to walk through any locked door without worrying about keys at all.
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User Info: Vegetaman

9 years ago#2
Keys are pretty easy to do in the first quest, at any rate, but I have done that before. I usually get the Lion Key about mid-game.
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User Info: Black_Crusher

9 years ago#3
Yeah I also get the magic key pretty early and then return later to finish level 8. There's one level where I almost never actually use the keys they give me. I think it's level 2 since it's basically a straight shot north to the dodongo.
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User Info: The Admiral

The Admiral
9 years ago#4
In the first quest I will sometimes not get the Magical Key at all, as it really isn't necessary with the surplus of keys you acquire from other dungeons. In the second quest, I will usually get it before tackling level 4.
- The Admiral

User Info: BrandonTheGrate

9 years ago#5
Well, what really is the need of the Magic Key, at least in the first quest, they give you ample keys in Level 9 if you choose to go that route.
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