Level 2 dungeon

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User Info: Sxmfct

7 years ago#1
To this day, finding the level 2 (3 on second quest) dungeon still baffles me. I think maybe it's all of the trees around the area...

User Info: drewman1230

7 years ago#2
just basic exploration should be enough to find it. there really is no trick to it.
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User Info: Lashenya

7 years ago#3
It still confuses the hell out of me too
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User Info: MI4 REAL

7 years ago#4
Go right 1 screen
Go up 5 screens
Go right 5 screens
Go down 2 screens
Go left 1 screen
Go up 1 screen
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User Info: HegemonKhan

7 years ago#5
(1st quest) dlvl 2 is directly to the east of dlvl 1. however, you have to go around either north or south to reach it.

User Info: Zzonkmiles

7 years ago#6
I think it's easier to find this labyrinth when approaching from the northeast, rather than from the south. Just go east along the southern edge of the northern mountains until you find the screen that has water in the northeast corner and a hidden cave with 30 Rupies. Take the path south and you'll be in the forest with two Armos statues, one of which is hiding a cave with 30 more Rupies. Go one screen down and one screen left and you're all set!

Trying to approach this labyrinth from the forest is much harder because of all the pathways there.
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User Info: HegemonKhan

7 years ago#7
you can always LEARN the forest screens, they ARE different and thus you can navigate them to dlvl 2 .......

this thread is kinda silly to me... it's really not very hard to learn the world (the screens) of zelda with some patience/time.

don't get me wrong, the first few times in that forest can be confusing, but after awhile... people should learn it....

User Info: da_PreNz

7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: da_PreNz

7 years ago#9
Surprised nobody has mentioned the shortest way, MI4 REAL's route involves more doubling back than necessary. I guess I'm OCD for knowing shortest routes to places, even in real life lol.

From the start, go right 5 screens, up 2, right 2, up 1, left 1. That's the clearing you're looking for, where the Dungeon in one screen above. Just do it twice and it'll be memorized and you won't find yourself wasting time getting there on future runs ;)
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User Info: woken

7 years ago#10
The last time I played through, I actually had a bit of trouble finding this one myself. I don't think anyone is saying the task is difficult, but more of a memory jogger, unless you have the exact number of screens memorized.

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