The boss order in this game bugs me.

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  3. The boss order in this game bugs me.

User Info: Zareth

9 years ago#1
In an early issue of Nintendo Power, they recommended starting with Magnet man, which I usually did. Magnet missles worked well on Hard man, hard knuckle worked well on top man, top spin worked well on shadow man, and shadow blade worked well on spark man. But what is spark shot good against? Magnet man. ARGH!!! NP recommended snake man next, but spark shot isn't very good against him. Needle cannon is. But needle man is weak against gemini lazer, and gemini man is weak against search snake... It's like the game has 2 sets of robot masters instead of one. This was pretty much the only Mega Man game that had that kind of pattern.
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User Info: o_x

9 years ago#2
Shadow is basically the Metal Blade of this game. It's an effective substitute to any other robot master's weakness that you wouldn't have (you should've already beaten Hard Man and Top Man).

A non-linear weakness path makes the game more interesting, really.

User Info: SOSWalter

9 years ago#3
I always did Needle Man first to get Rush Jet. Needle Man is easy if you use the E tank to fill up your life.

User Info: radblast

9 years ago#4
I agree with the TC, and I also had trouble with the Snake Man bit. And from asking the orders that others had doen them in, even the people on this board seemed to have 2 basic sets of orders.

Oh, as for the RJ bit, I abused the glitch to get it after the RM. I know you shouldn't abuse glitches, but c'mon. ME, of all people, NOT heavily abuse a glitch!? LMFAO...

User Info: SuperShadowman

9 years ago#5
Curse that Nintendo Power! I had that one too, and however wrote that guide must be out of their minds. First of all, Magnetman's level without Rush is NOT fun. Second of all, Magnetman himself is unpredictable and fast, he'll crush you if it's the first time that you're playing!
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User Info: FionordeQuester

9 years ago#6
You think that's bad? The creator of Bob and George once stated that in a strategy guide he thinks he had once, it told him to go after Elec Man first in Megaman 1!
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User Info: Ring_Man

9 years ago#7
This game does have a zany order....
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  3. The boss order in this game bugs me.

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