What's the "correct" weakness order in this game?

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User Info: ShatteredRift

8 years ago#1
I remember from years ago that Snake Man wasn't weak against Spark Man's attack even though that's more-or-less required to complete the circle. This game also decided to have multiple weaknesses (with one major weakness), so I'm having trouble with the FAQs.
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User Info: toma13

8 years ago#2
i usually go like this:
hard man
top man
shadow man
magnet man
snake man
gemini man
needle man
spark man

maybe it's not right, but it's the way i've always done it since i was a kid out of habit.
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User Info: twistedbassman

8 years ago#3
There are two "official" rotations in this game. Basically, you just need to find one in each of the lists you like to kill with the buster and you're set.

Snake kills Gemini
Gemini kills Needle
Needle kills Snake

Top kills Shadow
Shadow kills Spark
Spark kills Magnet
Magnet kills Hard
Hard kills Top

Here's my order of preference:


User Info: ShatteredRift

8 years ago#4
So there is that hiccup after all? I've always played the game Magnet -> Hard -> Top -> Shadow -> Spark -> Snake -> Gemini -> Needle, but I was recently reminded that Spark Man wasn't strong against Snake Man.
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User Info: cCdarkmoonCc

8 years ago#5
I always did it the same way as twistedbassman since I was a child and I still do. So I'd say its the best way to do it, for me anyway. =)
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User Info: Eerx

8 years ago#6
I have always prefered starting with Top Man, since the stage and the boss are really really easy. Then you can move on to shadow man already as a second stage. Getting shadow blade early is quite crucial.
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User Info: Lastjustice

8 years ago#7
My order is spark, magnet (which hes weak to both shadow blade and spark shock, either kills in 4 hits) , hard, top, shadow, snake (shadow blade kills him fast enough, though needles slay him, his pattern is easy regardless even with regular buster) gemini , needle.

- Spark- Magnet- Hard-Top- shadow- snake-gemini- needle.

Yeah 3 is one of the games where there isnt a flawless order to exploit, but shadow blade rip apart snake man fast enough, and you can whip out the needle cannon in the transporter room fight then atleast. In any case snake man is the weakest link in the gemini>needle>snake triangle so you d waste him first.

I just decided start wasting spark man first instead of magnet man one day, as stands still alot, and you can really pound him , especially when you re standing directly across from your line of fire. I also tend use all robot master's weapons as I run thru game, figure if you got the toys, use em. (and the rush jet glitch if Im playing the NES version.)
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User Info: Goldfish215

8 years ago#8
The easiest for me is the following. I'll put the boss and I'll put the weakness in parenthesis.

Needle Man (Regular Buster)
Snake Man (Needle)
Spark Man (Needle)
Hard Man (Regular Buster)
Top Man (Regular Buster)
Shadow Man (Top)
Magnet Man (Spark)
Gemini Man (Shadow)

I'll even add in the re-done fights from MM2 starting with Needle Man's re-done level, then Spark Man, then Shadow Man, and finally Gemini Man.

Air Man (Regular Buster)
Crash Man (Hard Man)

Metal Man (Hard Man)
Quick Man (Snake Man)

Wood Man (Needle)
Heat Man (Needle)

Flash Man (Needle)
Bubble Man (Spark)
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User Info: Lastjustice

8 years ago#9
my weapons of choice for docbots..
Air Man (spark shock or magnet missile)
Crash Man (Hard Man)

Metal Man (magnet missle) come on hes freaking metal man, so of course a magnet goes straight to him hehe.
Quick Man (gemini laser) he jumps around alot so he tends run right into the beams

Wood Man (Needle cannon)
Heat Man (shadow blade or top spin)

Flash Man (gemini laser)
Bubble Man ( rush jet) he wont move if you re riding it.
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User Info: ShinWesker

8 years ago#10

Makes the most sense and weakness circle is complete, Spark is weak against BOTH needle and shadow

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