Stage Select Crash

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User Info: waterdeepchu

5 years ago#1
So, I got this game one year for easter...or maybe 20 years ago for easter I dont know. One of em. In any event, I could never play it. See what would happen is I would go to the stage select screen and then if I hadnt chosen my stage in 3 seconds, it would lock up and crash totally. Now, the interesting thing is the rest of the game works fine. Once a friend and I got a chart together showing where the bosses were, we were able to beat the game.

WTF seriously. This would happen every single time it sent me back to the stage select screen for any reason.

User Info: zoogelio

5 years ago#2
Sounds like a problem unique to your cart because if it were more common, we would've heard a lot more about it and Capcom or Nintendo wouldn't miss a big that obvious or problematic.
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