That Beeping Noise

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User Info: sakurajin

9 years ago#1
Newer games should really bring back the beeping sound to alert you when you have low life. When I'm playing games that don't have it, I'm always dying because I don't know how low my life is. The constant beeping noise in this game is really helpful.

User Info: Kyrogue11

9 years ago#2
I commend your optimism!
Anyways, I know a lot of the newer games have the noise removed because many gamers(sometimes myself) have found the beeping to be annoying. Another thing is that many games have a 'feel' that could be disrupted by a beeping. Admittedly, while this could be worked around by providing a different, more fitting sound, people tend to go back and look at my first point.
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User Info: crate3333

9 years ago#3
There's also the option of having the beeping trigger when you drop below a certain health amount, then stop after a couple seconds. Long enough to alert you that you're in danger, short enough that it doesn't make me reach for the mute button.
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User Info: XDooplissX

9 years ago#4
You are probably losing because you are bad at the game, no offense, but that noise doesn't keep you alive.

User Info: sakurajin

9 years ago#5
Wow, 0/3 on sarcasm-catching.
Cheers to the first poster for not flaming me to death, jeers to me for making an ultra-sarcastic topic.

I had a savestate in the Island Palace with low enough life to die in one hit from anything, and no lives left, so I spent about an hour save-and-restoring until I could get through it 'without being hit'. That hour of listening to the obnoxious (and in my mind, unnecessary) 'warning' is what motivated the topic.

On topic, I agree with the previous poster that if you can't monitor your life and the action at the same time, you are a pretty inexperienced gamer.

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