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User Info: Cruelle_Poesie

7 years ago#1
The game isn't that hard. I don't understand why everybody keeps sayin' it's too difficult. The only hard part is the trip to the final palace. All you have to do is collect all the 1 up dolls before doin' the trip. I think there are 5 (including one in the final palace), so it gives you 6 or 7 chances to defeat Thunderbird. 2 or 3 should do fine.

Great zelda game, top 5 for sure!

User Info: basser2204

7 years ago#2
How many times have you played through the game?

I agree with you that it isn't as hard as most people seem to make it out to be, but then again I've played through the game 30 times or more. It was tough the first couple times through for me, but after practice and learning strategies it became easy (crazy how that works, lol).

So for first timers, yeah it's gonna be difficult. Especially the current-gen gamers that need their hand held and saves at every corner are gonna struggle. The main complaint we hear is that you start at Zelda after dying. It's only a slight inconvenience, but it's a sore spot for many.
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User Info: Dinandez

7 years ago#3
I agree. I grew up playing the game so it isn't so difficult for me now, but anything becomes easy with enough practice or perseverance.
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User Info: zoogelio

7 years ago#4
Yes, Zelda II isn't impossibly hard. The myth of Zelda II being so insanely hard has to do with its bogus black sheep myth that cropped up in the past 10 years and Zelda games being easier in general than other game franchises, so it just seems harder by comparison. Make no bones (Stalfos?) about it, it isn't an easy game, but it's not extremely hard. It does have many opportunities for death: pits, a few nasty battlefields, bosses, Ironknuckles, Daira, Lizardmen, and of course, the Valley of Death/Final Palace. Compare that to Zelda I (Darknuts, Wizzrobes, Lynels) or ALTTP, where I died something like 7-9 times on my original playthrough back in 1992 or so (I know Helmasaur King, Blink, Mothula, and Ganon were 4 of those).

User Info: ocw

7 years ago#5

It's really not that easy to fall to an instant death once u get the Fairy spell, unless u do not have the magic to cast it.

User Info: FionordeQuester

7 years ago#6
I don't know why this game is considered to be so hard either. Even on my first try, I didn't find it unfairly difficulty. I watched a speed run of it to see all the tricks and a walkthrough to get past all the cryptic parts however, so maybe I'm not one to talk.

But, even with all that, I still find the first Zelda to be way harder than this one.
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User Info: TheJackyl

7 years ago#7
Learning the trick to hit the Iron Knuckles all the time toned the difficulty a bit too, (Jump and then stab right before you land) I have yet to get too far into the Great Palace since those damned Moas (eyeballs) keep knocking me into the pits beforehand.

I started another play through to maybe ease myself into the last palace, but I'm still not looking forward to fighting the Blue Iron Knuckles
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User Info: Lashenya

7 years ago#8
There's only like four to six Blue IKs you'll ever HAVE to fight. And they arent so bad. You should be able to go balls to the wall jump/slashing and he'll die before you.

Cast Shield if you're still having problems ;)
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User Info: TheJackyl

7 years ago#9
Murphy's Law prevents me from having a full health bar whenever I face one.

Just now, made next to no mistakes in Palace 3. Some Downward Thrusts didn't register and I took a LOT of damage from the 2 mace throwers, and the one Blue IK was shooting me, while I was fighting the last Red IK(he was barely off-screen and still shooting). Started the fight with only enough magic to cast shield and about one and a half blocks of life.

His third pass on the horse, my Downward Thrust didn't register and the horse killed me.
Ah, good old blowing. It's the answer to so many of life's problems... Stupendous.. -tabion20

User Info: Kolchin04

7 years ago#10
Blue Iron Knuckle: Sword throwing version of above - The blue IK's AI pattern is to stand at least a few paces away from Link and throw one sword about every second or so, the height of which being chosen randomly; Then, when hit, it fires off 7-9 swords in a row, then goes back to the normal routine. Their shield protection is the same as the regular IK's.

Blue IK's take much more patience, but a same basic strategy as a orange or red IK's. Do not go in aggressive and J/S constantly (unless you're willing to lose plenty of life). With the pattern above in mind, the best strategy is this:

1) Wait and block the single sword he throws
2) J/S
3) Quickly Move slightly away, turn around and, watching is arm, block the 7-9 swords.
4) go back to 1)
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