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User Info: KeryAdams

4 years ago#11
Made it to the bottom of the great palace. Died to Thunderbird. Second life, finally beat Thunderbird with virtually no health or magic left. Died to Shadow Link. Final life, challenged Shadow Link again... got both our health down to to point where whoever scored the next hit would win it all. I lost.

Swore a bunch, made myself a drink, and set out from the beginning. Made it to Thunderbird's lair (why do we call this guy Thunderbird, btw, when he's more of a firebird...?) Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find him still dead. Took on SL with full health, and handily beat him on the first try. Woo!

Victory is mine!

So, now I've finished every Zelda I've started with the exception of Majora's Mask, and that only because the game doesn't appeal to me at all... but maybe I'll take another crack at it.
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User Info: Gunsm1th

4 years ago#12
^ You should try the new game+ on that save file. It should go a lot faster and easier.

User Info: basser2204

4 years ago#13
We say Thunderbird because he's vulnerable to the Thunder spell. Firebirds are the red guys in the GP. It's actually the first enemy you encounter in the palace.
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User Info: KeryAdams

4 years ago#14
Yeah, I remember the first time I ran into one of those guys, and it was the first enemy in the palace. I expected to have a rough time of it at that point. Thankfully there are only maybe half a dozen of those bird enemies (one of the guides calls them Dreadhawks... don't know if that's the official name, or if firebird is).

I actually did run through the first dungeon on a new game+. Took about 30 seconds, ha!
GT/PSN: Owngineer
Currently playing: Legend of Zelda II, Resident Evil 3, Castlevania: SotN, Rocksmith

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