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User Info: winnix

4 years ago#1
To add onto LZ's earlier post...

routes -
- Having multiple routes into a city will make your airline-owned hotel more profitable.
- I agree that maxing passengers is the best way to go. With passengers at 100%, add planes, then routes, then flights until you your ticket sales dip.... then find a nice balance.
- routes from one continent to another are most profitable, of course.

- the higher your ad budget, the more likely your ad is to succeed.
- always advertise, its worth the failed risk.
- Double your benefit by advertising a route into a city where you own a hotel - If successful profits of both go up.

- invest in charters wisely, just like the stock market.
- If you invested in a charter, don't overlap it's routes or its value goes down.
- if a competitor heavily invests in a charter, quickly open a route to compete with it, fly only two flights or so and undersell it to cause the charter value to nosedive. If will cost you $, but its comical.
- open a hotel where you have any hub.
- if a hotel you just built sucks, advertise it. If the ad fails, sell it and rebuild.
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