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User Info: Madcap37

9 years ago#1
So is there a shop that actually buys the gold bar? i keep finding em and cant do anything with em, cant even cook em.

User Info: TGGHOD

9 years ago#2
I.. wouldn't know. I never bothered with them.. I usually just spent a good 6-8 hours fishing Unagi and Sardines at the first fishing spot to have the zenny to buy everything I need from the first Manillo outside Corsair for every character I'll be getting later in the game. >.<

One would think, though, that they'd be sellable.. somewhere..
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User Info: EternalSillyness

9 years ago#3
Are you talking about Gold or GoldBar? GoldBars are sellable anywhere, that's their only purpose.
Gold is used for fishing for the Manillos. If you can afford it, fish up the Manillo south of CotLand and buy MedusaSH's to everyone who can equip it.
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