Missables and township questions

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User Info: PumpkinBelmont

8 years ago#1
Okay I'm new to Breath Of Fire 2 but I want to do it right the first time. Can you guys tell me about any and all missable items, spells and shamen and anything else?

Also I was to try maxing my stats can you explain the best way to do this?

And who should I invite to my town?

User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
8 years ago#2
You can't really miss any of the Shamans, but Sollo is the only one you won't simply find waiting somewhere. You need to donate 2000 Zenny to the Earth Temple; later, you'll find her at Daisy's farm.

Most Township tenants aren't "missable" so much as you can lock yourself out of the better ones. You get six houses and there are 3-4 tenant options for each one; you won't be able to recruit a tenant if you've already given their house away to someone else. The only genuine missable among them is Burroughs, who you'll find in the Elder Tree's memory world; he teaches the most powerful spells in the game. However, you have to reduce a character to 1 HP and 0 AP in order to get him to teach that character any spells; if he agrees to teach you a spell, you can cancel and ask again to improve his Dragon's Tear rating and get him to teach better spells. The best one he has is Sirocco, the most powerful non-elemental all-target spell you can get.
All they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#3
for maximmizing stats.....one word:


make sure you get the right person constructing your township town (no arab-mosque-palace or tree-fort houses. you want the "stone" cottage type houses).

if memory serves me, you get the right (cooking guy) township consruction guy during the well-villager rescue. make sure during this event in the game u do NOT kill any of the humans, make sure you target ONLY the demon-magots attached onto the villagers. you have NO time limit, so take your time and make sure you find all the people and kill the demon-magots on them.
i'm quite a bit rusty on this, so make sure you get confirmation or de-firmation on what i say before you trust it in game.

as for the township town (YOUR town, not to be confused with hometown where you start the real game) there's only a few things you MUST do and not miss out on by messing up:

1. get and pick the cooking construction guy to build your town ship.

2. get barreta as early as u can to be safe so that you will get her final (these are some of the end game weapons/armors and berreta is the only way to get them, if u get her soon enough) gear selection at the end of the game.

3. find eichichi (or however you spell her name...hopefully my spelling isn't something bad..in japanese) and bring her to town township (she won't come until after certain events or progres in the game, so don't keep trying to get her when you first are able to get to guntz town where she is at, if my memory serves)

4. do NOT kill the man hooked to the machine. again like the well-demon-villagers, target-attack ONLY the demons or for this case the two machine sub targets (if i remember correctly).

all the other township people don't truly matter.

daiyia (the fish shop guy) and surfy (the bank girl) are merely conveniences. the person who sells the fire weapons is helpful for that middle part of the game but they ARE fire elemental (you have to watch/know what enemies you are fighting or else those strong fire weapons will do hardly any damage) and of course do become weak and obsolete.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#4
err few additions i left out:

cooking allows you to MAX EVERY STAT for EVERYONE (be warned though as this ruins the game in terms of difficulty).

than you add to that giant island, where you get the 2nd best experience (i think the k. night riders or final areas of the final dungeon give more experience, but that does not mean giant island's experience isn't massive) in the entire game and early too (soon as you get the whale), getting your characters to high levels fast.

also, there is 1 other person that IS VITAL to having at town ship, but yusuke already discussed him (his english name is barose, in case you don't know the correct-actual name that yusuke uses for him).

and i can't remember, but there's some guy who gives you 16 magic points, though i don't know if he is a person who can join township or not. maybe this is the same guy (barose/Burroughs who you can also get the spells, missle/Sirocco from). not sure.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#5
some shamans you can miss/pass by. the water shaman in the water tower can be missed. but u can always get her. some other shamans you may also pass by without realizing it. some people might miss the devil shaman too. there's two caves on each side of the Gate where the dragon is. some people don't realize this and don't look into these two side cave entrances. i think the devil shaman is in the left one. or maybe it's the right. can't remember.

the easiest or most likely shaman to miss is as yusuku said, the earth shaman. you have to donate the 2000 coins at the numinba or earth shrine and than later in the game return and she'll be there.

there might be one shaman who if you miss, you can never get her back (angel shaman? in the final or 2nd to last church. you might not be able to go back and get her if u miss her. i think the church collapses. though i don't know if you forever lose the chance to get the angel shaman or not if you miss her). also, i can't remember if once you go to drogny/drognier, whatever the final dungeon and town are called, if you can leave and go back to the world or not). so u may have to make sure you get all the shamans before you descend down to deathevan.
as for items:


the empire sword (best sword in the game for ryu). this u MUST get during a certain window within the game progress (because it is ONLY in this small window of game progress that u can get it).

there's a fishing spot (if you don't see it, than u have to wander around in the 2x2 square area and fight monsters until it appears) slightly to the south east (in the mountains) of township. because it is only a 2x2 square area, your (*spoiler*) flying township can NOT land there. it is too big. so, YOU MUST GET THE EMPIRE SWORD WHILE U STILL HAVE (*spoiler*) mina's flying ability.

Charm rod:

i can't remember where you get it and if it is lost forever if you don't get it right than or not.

"hidden" items:

1. life ar (armor). fishing spot left of Gate and south of the cave (where childhood ryu and bow encountered the big demon in the prologue-prelude).

2. life br (bracelet?). inside gate. in the dark room right after the big demon fight before deathevan and the end of the game.

3. many many monsters have the end game items as their rare item drops. some are outside in the world and some are inside gate in certain areas near the very end of the final dungeon.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#6
secret character:

Blue (gorgan="medusa"=half snake half human female character. Blue is extremely powerful. in fact, she's almost equal to ryu, so it's like you have two main characters in terms of toughness-strength. i remember reading from somewhere how you can put her in the front with ryu and use her shed ability over and over making her invincible. she's a a powerful magical character like nina is, but much more powerful as i jsut mentioned/explained. blue is in/from bof1, as well, for those who played it). see faqs/guides or ask on how to get her.

last item i can think of:

also there's an item in the thieves tomb that is very diffult to know about/get on your own. i don't you though if you can forever lose out on it if you miss it.

User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
8 years ago#7
gorgan="medusa"=half snake half human female character.

The term you're searching for is "Naga".

Also, have you tried my retranslation patch yet? Couldn't help but notice you're using the old names. >_>
All they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#8
ach sorry, remembered a few more things:

1. the adult dragon spells (3). fall down the waterfall (west of sima fort) and hold up on the keybaord/controller to go into a secret cave. the man will give you the adult versions of you 3 puppy dragons.

2. chop chop attack. look up the (whatever it's called) restaurant in the faqs/guides or ask here (the restaurant is in the cave next to the waterfall where you get the adult dragon spells. west of simafort). also look up who to give it too.

3. ray (in the well with the demon-magot possesed villagers) will give you 2 different spells depending on if you rescue all the villagers or not. i think it's cure 2 or renew. to one character. see who to give whichever spell you got to which character.

4. you'll get the kaiser dragon, but you can NOT use it. this is normal. only at the very end of the game in the final battle does it become usable.

5. barose will teach 4 spells. which spells he teaches depends on things. ask yusuke or look at the faqs/guides.

6. a man will give 1 character 16 magic points.

7. you get your best dragon spell (g. dragon) automatically during your fight with ray and afterwards you have it as a spell to use all you want (or as much magic point recovery items as you got :D)

8. empire sword

9. life ar (armor)

10. life br (bracelet?)

11. earth shaman

12. boombada spell....this is IMPOSSIBLE (for 99.9....9% of people) to get. so don't waste your time trying.

User Info: HegemonKhan

8 years ago#9
grrr... last post...

make sure you are aware of the characters special abilities:

1. each character's special combat abilities. (guts-ryu, shed-blue, dare-katt, wake-rand, shot?-bow, spore?-spar, will-nina, rip?-sten, chop/stab?-jean)

2. "shaman'ized formed" character's special combat abilities. (sweh-devil katt form, etc..)

3. each character's special WORLD MAP abilities. (ryu's fishing. bow and katt's hunting. rand's rolling. jean's frog hopping. nina' bird-mina flying ability, sten's reach ability, spar's forest "walking over or through" ability, etc...)

4. each characters special "dungeon" area abilities. (i had a very bad experience with not knowing about katt's "dungeon" ability to swing her stick and break stuff...like in a certain house, yes this is also what i call as is a "dungeon" area, on top of a whale....). (sten's reach ability. nina's ability to make the party float, aka not fall down holes when she is in the lead of the party. katt's stick swing to break stuff. i think briefly, during a certain part of the game, rand can push stuff. etc.)

User Info: Yusuke Urameshi

Yusuke Urameshi
8 years ago#10
4. you'll get the kaiser dragon, but you can NOT use it. this is normal. only at the very end of the game in the final battle does it become usable.

Bit of a mix-up here.

In the final dungeon, there's a side path you can take where the Dragon Sages will give Ryu the chance to obtain the power of Infinity (Anfini in the old translation). You must complete this quest in order to beat Deathevan. You'll be told to sacrifice one of your party members in order to obtain Infinity; this is a Secret Test Of Character, and you must refuse. Refuse, refuse, refuse, no matter what your doppelganger says, no matter how much abuse he heaps on you. It'll look briefly like you've done something wrong, but you'll wake back up, and Ryu will have Infinity. This spell can only be used during the first round with Deathevan.

7. you get your best dragon spell (g. dragon) automatically during your fight with ray and afterwards you have it as a spell to use all you want (or as much magic point recovery items as you got :D)

Here is where the Kaiser Dragon comes into play; it's the "G. Dragon" spell in the old translation.
All they would need is ten nuclear weapons in the kiloton range, disguised as Girl Scouts.
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