what is the secret nagaette bromide

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User Info: gilbert10021

8 years ago#1
i found the secret nagaette bromide in the drawer but i don't see it in my item's list or no where else. did the enemies you have to fight right after finding it take it away from you? what is it, where is it in your list, and what does it do?

User Info: ll_Xanato_ll

8 years ago#2
You can give it to an old man in Dorino in exchange for a magic tab.

User Info: gamester_12345

8 years ago#3
Hmm, your asking 2 possibly mixed up questions.

Topic title says "what is the secret nagaette bromide", but the question in the topic pertains to where is it in your inventory.

I think finding it is just an event trigger to give to a man for a tab.
The question of what the Bromide actually is unknown, i just assumed it was *special* Naga magazines...
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User Info: ImbaIance

8 years ago#4

If you give it to Lavos, he grows arms, legs, a tail, and a head, and leaves to terrorize the Mushroom Kingdom.

User Info: Duke Darkwood

Duke Darkwood
8 years ago#5
I would assume it's some sort of picture of a Naga-ette. (Play either of the Lunar games' PSX versions for a deeper understanding of Bromides.)
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User Info: waferbread

8 years ago#6
I bet it's a disinfectant for their swimming pool.
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User Info: Ticondera

8 years ago#7
well you see the caramel is ......
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