Chests sealed with "mysterious energy"?

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User Info: MonarchPaulos

6 years ago#1
What do I do with these??
More MvC3 chars needed! Where's Rogue?! I am Paulos Hunter Blade, owner of preserving legacies!!!!
PSN: PaulosBlade, AIM: PaulostheSpy

User Info: suchiuomizu

6 years ago#2
Wait until you have a way to unlock them. It should be obvious when you do.

User Info: Xorlandu

6 years ago#3
When you find the way to open the chests before opening any of them check and see if there is one in the same spot in the future. Some of the chests in 600ad are the same ones as in 1000ad. Checking them in 600ad and not opening them then going to 1000ad gives you a stronger item if the chest is the same one.
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  3. Chests sealed with "mysterious energy"?

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