Safe Helm vs Swallow

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User Info: Suikoden420

8 years ago#1
Which one do you usually pick? I usually go with the Safe Helm, but for some reason I can't decide right now.
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User Info: theonyxphoenix

8 years ago#2
The Safe Helm stays useful much longer than the Swallow, IIRC.

User Info: Nota214

8 years ago#3
I usually go swallow on a new game now. Since I never use either in new game+ I don't feel it really makes any difference so I just choose the one that kills faster and with a 30% chance to crit it's a rather significant upgrade over the aeon blade.

User Info: Samholy

8 years ago#4
the safe helm !!
simply do the rainbow subquest and you'll get a major best weapon in the game.
and that safe helm will still be useful afterward.

unless youre an item collector, which i doubt since you dont wanna go to a game+, just take the helm.
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User Info: Chirpy13

8 years ago#5
Safe for reasons stated above, however, I don't use either once I have a third haste helm.
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User Info: SuperSailorMoon

8 years ago#6
Since I play continues New Game+ runs I go Swallow on first run, then Safe Helm on second run.
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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

8 years ago#7
I say safe helm. Swallow gets obsolete.

I played the game 'til I got thre safe helms and 3 prism dresses.

User Info: Prism Weapon

Prism Weapon
8 years ago#8
safe helm is powerful

User Info: Then00bAvenger

8 years ago#9
Swallow is only useful for like 2(fairly long) dungeons. Safe Helm is useful for... well, only one battle in the game really
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User Info: r0xm2n

8 years ago#10
I've chosen both options before. I like the Swallow. The Swallow has a really high attack power (+50 over anything you might have, if you get it at the earliest moment) and a higher critical hit rate (35%).
You'll use that sword until you get the Rainbow, and even then, the Swallow has a nice +3 Speed that the Rainbow doesn't have.

Others argue that Safe Helm doesn't become potentially obsolete like the Swallow does, and they're right. Safe Helm helps Marles/Luccas bad defense. Thing is, I never needed Safe Helm because there are items that give Protect and Shell, and Swallow owned while I still used it.
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