Best place to get Tech points?

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User Info: The_Mercenary__

8 years ago#1
Ok, so I'm just about to fight Magus, but my characters don't have their 2nd level magic yet, so I decided to grind for a bit. Where would be the best place to do this? Also, what equipment do you recommend for fighting him? (I'm using Crono/ Frog/Lucca)
Thanks in advance.
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User Info: billygoten

8 years ago#2
Hunting Range in 65mil BC.

When it rains, a Nu shows up in one of three locations. He shows up in one of the three 100% of the time if you haven't beaten any of them. If you've beaten him at one spot, I think the game can randomly choose that spot again and he won't show up at all. Supposedly, he can show up at a fourth location that you can't get to, but that will never happen if you haven't beaten him on this visit. So come in, wait for it to rain, quickly run between the three spawn locations (top left, top right, bottom right on the higher level), beat him, and if you want to make sure he comes back, leave and come right back in.

He can't kill you, by the way. When he attacks you, he does damage equal to your max HP minus 1, so he will take you down to 1 with every attack and once you're at 1, he does 0 damage to you. (Later versions of the Nu can also deal 1 damage to you)

Every time you beat him, you get 30 TP, and 3 each of Petals, Horns, Fangs, and Feathers, which can be traded at the Ioka Hut for items that you can sell for lots of money. The top and bottom selections on the trading menu get you either the katana or arm and the middle two get you the other. Luckily, those sell for the most and second most out of all the items you can trade for. Good stuff.

Don't go too crazy if you don't want to. There is a respawning Rubble on Mt. Woe that gives you 100TP per fight, but that's later in the story, past Magus.
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User Info: Bokothechoco2

8 years ago#3
My personal favorite spot for grinding early on is Dactyl's Lair, north of the training grounds mentioned above in 65M BC. You can have Robo and Crono use Max Cyclone to beat the first battle in the area in 1 hit, then leave the area and come back to do the same until you're ready for whatever. You get 9TP and 311 exp, and it's a fair bit faster than waiting for it to rain to fight the Nus. Again though, it does give a lot more exp, so training here might kill the challenge for the rest of the game a bit more than grinding Nus.
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User Info: KOTRsss

8 years ago#4
I quite like the area right outside Magus's save point. 450ish exp per battle, and once you get your level 2 magic, it's goes real fast. I probably grinded 6 or 7 levels there because Magus was handing my ass to me.
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User Info: V_Translanka

8 years ago#5
It may or may not help out to have Frog physically attack Magus with the Masamune (lower his M.Def once he starts using Barrier at least) if you aren't doing that already...and if you really are having such trouble you might want to switch out Lucca so you can have another healer (Robo is your go-to guy, though you may or may not want to consider Marle because Robo's got low M.Def)...
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User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#6
I still prefer the Nu hunting Method and I killed them until the following are learned:
Marle Ice 2
Lucca Fire 2
Crono Lightning 2.
Robo Heal Beam
Frog once you take him back to Spekkio Leap Slash (water 2 not worth learning until Mt Woe.)

I took Marle as my 3rd for the Magus battle since 4 Arc Impulses (Crono + Marle + Frog) usually ends the battle once he's in the dark matter casting phase.

Stick those magic + accessories on Marle and Frog and Arc Impulse does 1300+ damage and during the dark matter phase he only has around 4000 HP left.
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