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User Info: FinalFLuver

6 years ago#1
Hi, i just started this game, can someone please explain to me what the point is of unlocking the tales stages? Do you get items? Does it make things harder/easier later?

ive been trying to read up on it, but it every site i go to doest really give an explanation as to the REASON for unlocking them?

while im here asking questions i may as well ask about the bodyguards, as again ive read the faqs on them, but there doesnt seem to be anything that indicates any meaning to the UNIT i choose?

example i started out with guan yu (shu) and the bodyguards units are either ROTK, Koei, Mystery, or Kessen?? What effects do these even have? The only things ive noticed is that the members names are different and Kessen Units are girls. Other then that, they all have the same initial Life, musou, atk and def.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanx ;)

User Info: Rydain

6 years ago#2
The bodyguard units and names are arbitrary. You can delete any of them and make your own.
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User Info: Zamphias

6 years ago#3
In "Battle of Tian Sui" (a Shu tales map) you can unlock Jiang Wei as a playable character.

You can also get special items (like the Bodyguard Manual) in "The Two Qiaos" and in "Guan Yu's Escape"
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