Is this better than the console versions?

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User Info: Crazy_Man

8 years ago#1
I know that when comparing console to arcade conversions the arcade version is superior but I do not have any recollection of how much Golden Axe was better in arcades than consoles.

I would like to know the major differences and your opinions on the matter.
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User Info: shakenstirred

8 years ago#2
well, having not been a big fan of this back in the day. I would say this is the version to get. It being the arcade version and all.
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User Info: Sneakers

8 years ago#3
Well, the graphics look better, alot clearer. I haven't bought Golden Axe when it came out on the VC, cause I wasn't one for the Genesis version...the graphics just weren't the same....but now that the arcade version is out, that's an entirely different kettle of fish. If you like Golden Axe and didn't get the Genesis version, get this version, since it is the arcade version. I was waiting for some good arcade games to one has come out. :)
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  3. Is this better than the console versions?

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