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User Info: funtownarcade

8 years ago#1
I am playing on an Arcade Legends cabinet, I don't remember the original machine well enough to tell if the controls and speed you can go are the exact same.
The first screen I always jump off to the left, leave the jump as high as possible and then aim down. On the second screen you can pretty much go full speed and avoid the two worm guys. I don't have a perfect strategy for the slippery part at the end but basically aim towards the middle and it will slide you to the side.
On the third stage you can just go full speed through the middle of the acid slime things and you will be safe every time. If you hurry you can get on the wave machine thing before the first wave.
On the silly stage I usually kill all the little guys for extra time, if it seems like it would take more than three seconds for whatever reason don't bother. On the scene with the bees, I usually kill myself to spawn ahead of them, then right after that the famous jump just before the finish (Go backwards down the ramp). On the final stage if you get the right hand side you can kill yourself to spawn ahead just go to the far right and jump off to the left. Go straight down from top to bottom on the ice part and you are home free, hopefully you have enough time to beat the game, then it just becomes about saving time and not dieing for top scores.


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