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User Info: Coqui267

6 years ago#1
So after the water temple, the guides say you must head for the shadow temple. Yet the game itself directs you to the Gerudo Valley and Fortress (Blinking locations on the map) after completing the water temple. Also in the status menu the spirit medallion comes after the water medallion. You don't need the hover boots for the spirit temple and you obviously don't need the mirror shield and silver gauntlets for the shadow temple. You aren't even given a hint about the shadow temple. So how come the guides point you for the shadow temple before the spirit temple if, according to the game this is where you should be heading?

User Info: Bokey407

6 years ago#2
The spirit temple and shadow temple can be done in any order, same as the water temple can be done before the fire temple
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User Info: maydogg6

6 years ago#3
I think the guide says the Shadow temple first because you need the Lens of Truth for both the Shadow and Spirit temples, but since getting it is linked to the Shadow temple (shadow monster coming out of the well, etc) then it makes logical sense to go there first. Besides, you're right there, might as well do it.

I will say, I've never understood why they put the Spirit song and such before the shadow song on your subscreen when they clearly mean for you to go to the Shadow temple first.
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User Info: Julia85

6 years ago#4
I remember a bit in the Spirit Temple where I needed the boots. In the room with the rolling boulders, there's one silver rupee I could never get just by jumping...
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User Info: thor23

6 years ago#5
You can get that rupee by grappling the stone wall with the longshot and pulling yourself towards it.

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
6 years ago#6
I personally did it in the order you're going.

I'm actually glad I did, because the Spirit Temple is a good climax (since it's the only temple that makes use of the time mechanic).

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