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User Info: IllMade

5 years ago#1
Or my perception, rather, that MQ is considerably shorter than the original. Specifically the dungeons. I'm thinking that my perception is skewed because the majority of people playing MQ are going to know where most of the side quests and such are, having played OOT, which would put the emphasis on the new dungeon stuff.

But it honestly seems that most of the dungeons were maybe more difficult in their puzzles/gimmicks, but once you figured them out they were either fewer or plain shorter.

I went through MQ the other week and it kind of left an empty feeling... So I'm playing through the original again.

User Info: Dracozombie

5 years ago#2
Dungeons are generally shorter in Master Quest. This is because many portions of the dungeon are optional skulltula grabs and are not integral to reaching the boss. You can skip damned near half of the Water Temple, if I recall correctly.

User Info: IllMade

5 years ago#3
I see! Yeah, it seems you get the dungeon item very early and from there it's almost right to the boss. Thank you.

Weird little side story, I got wallmastered in the main Spirit Temple room (the room with the actual colossus) because Navi didn't warn me and I had it on mute. Strangely, Navi does warn you when you drop into that room from that descending platform.

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