This game is in COD: Black Ops LOL

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User Info: Ghostel23

7 years ago#1

At the menu screen of Black ops pull the LT/RT triggers simutanesouly then break from the torture chair, walk around to the back by a computer, type in ZORK then u will have the game,,,FYI

User Info: KnightofLegacy

7 years ago#2
This game hasn't crossed my mind in over ten years until black ops.

User Info: wackiewackie

7 years ago#3
which version is it though is there a walk through for it ? i had the c64 version back in the 80s

User Info: I_Am_Simthy

6 years ago#4
They're all the same, aren't they? I mean, it's not like there's a huge change in the graphics from PC to C64 for this game... >_>
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  3. This game is in COD: Black Ops LOL

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