That thief is a ****ing *****!

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  3. That thief is a ****ing *****!

User Info: No_one_special

6 years ago#1
Keeps freakin' killing me when I try and bring him down...

I mean, geeze, you'd think the guy would be more friendly when you give him the jeweled egg!
"20 bucks says none of you dumb white people can kill me!" - Eric Nally

User Info: I_Am_Simthy

6 years ago#2
I haven't found him yet. I keep going round in circles, but then, I've only started playing this for the first time again in years.
Well, I've got news for you, pal, you ain't leadin' but two things: Jack and ****... and Jack just left town. - Ash Williams
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  3. That thief is a ****ing *****!

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