You were eaten by a grue.

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Stupid Pirate Guy 5 years ago#1
I claim this board.
The greatest PotDer OF ALL TIME

User Info: KeyBlade999

5 years ago#2
> Throw

What do you want to throw?
> Leaflet

What do you want to throw the leaflet at?
>Stupid Pirate Guy

It's curtains for Stupid Pirate Guy as the leaflet removes his head. Almost as soon as the Stupid Pirate Guy breathes his last breath, a cloud of sinister black fog envelopes him, and, when the fog lifts, the carcass has disappeared.

tl;dr version - Nah, it's my board, given that I have written an FAQ for this. =P
Every wound a new opportunity, every curse a new challenge.
I shall encounter defeats... But I will not be defeated.
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  3. You were eaten by a grue.

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