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User Info: DragonFistAbysi

6 years ago#1
I was originally going to install Daggerfall, but I noticed I could install a legal copy for this and decided last minute to play this. Problem is, it's a hassle *nat*.
I've got DOSbox and Arena downloaded on a XP home edition. So, what I want to know is how can I install it?
To make this easier, I would specifically like to know how to make it so that when I start up DOSbox, it will just go right into Arena, no commands. I have this for Shadowgate from the previous owner.
Feel free to ask questions so that this can go faster if necessary.
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User Info: justyn7

6 years ago#2
I know very little about running and configuring DOSBox, so perhaps I shouldn't respond to this thread, but I thought I might point you to This website provides a "ready to play" .exe file of Arena v1.07, CD version.

The brief description from UESP: "Play Arena and Daggerfall easily without have to install and configure DOSBox is now possible. These files install a ready to play version of Arena and Daggerfall quickly on a modern Windows system using an already configured DOSBox. Arena and Daggerfall are patched to the last version, and you have in option to install or not many unofficial bug fixes, quests and translation."

This .exe file is how I personally play Arena. It works fine for me and does not require that I use DOSBox.

User Info: Feartheliving

6 years ago#3

At the bottom if your like me and playing on Windows XP you can just download Dosbox and Arena in one download with all cutscenes and sound. The Download from Bethesda's website is the floppy disc version wich ran pretty bad at least on my computer.
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