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User Info: DreamwaIker

8 years ago#1
I see you posted your topic a long time ago, but I suppose I'll reply anyway.

I seem to remember my mother getting stuck in that situation when she played it about a decade ago. I don't think we ever found a way out. However, if you have different save files, you might not have to load back too far... but I'm assuming you were only keeping one file... that's generally not a good idea.

I'm not sure how the situation arises, but I know that I haven't gotten stuck in that room any of the times I've played the game since. Maybe just try not pressing any buttons or pulling any switches in the room the next time you enter? Or just ignore the area altogether?

Yes, I agree no game should let you get stuck in a place with no hope of escape.
They say you can live a lifetime in the blink of an eye.
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User Info: Tricrokra

8 years ago#2
There were much games in the past that could get you stuck with no possibility to get out of it.
Times have changed, and if it happens now you found yourself a bug, but most games are these days written from the perspective that you shouldn't get stuck any more. (Subject must contain [Tric-FAQ])

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