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User Info: Lord Loofiloo

Lord Loofiloo
8 years ago#1
That gigantic several-years-old topic that was here before got deleted because it was off-topic. So I must pose the classic question (originally asked in 2003, maybe a week after I joined):

does any1 play this game anymore?

I think the last topic got deleted because people were posting random things that weren't related to the game, just because there has been one lone topic here at SimAnt consistently since '03. Now we've gotta keep the legacy going, and keep it legitimate this time!

Remember when I tried to get SimAnt on the top 10 list of PC boards? Then about 3 people showed up? That was in my sig for ages, but I took it out when the first topic finally purged just barely short of 500. So... I guess SimAnt hasn't ever had a 500 topic before. How 'bout that?

But THAT'S not why anyone is here. Come and rejoice in the great lore of SimAnt! Have you ever conquered every colony, in both house and yard? Ever led a brave assassination mission against the red queen? Gotten stepped on by the vicious human? had a raindrop fall on you? How many Glen Campbells does it take to eat a llama?

And who here has encountered..... THE DEADLY LAZOR SPIDER?! I didn't get to witness this monstrosity until really recently, and it blew my mind. It evolved to a point that it no longer was satisfied merely feeding on ants... It had begun to VAPORIZE them. I wonder though, if a deadly lazor spider visits your colony, is it possible to play as the deadly lazor spider and lay waste to the whole red side with ease? Or do the lazor powers go away when you switch to the spider's body? Has anyone ever killed the deadly lazor spider?

User Info: i_saw_a_monkey

8 years ago#2
While I am a big fan of SimAnt, I can't find a copy anywhere funnely enough. Any hints? No piracy please, i'm against that.

p.s. I have to take the credit for getting the first one deleted, it offended me greatly with its off-topicness
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User Info: Soupman

8 years ago#3
It was heartbreaking when I found our topic gone, so heartbreaking.

Anyways, killing spiders is fun.

User Info: loz_64

8 years ago#4
I used to love this game! The spider always scared the crap out of me, so I liked to play as him :3

I think this game classifies as "abandonware" (being that it's nearly 20 years old) so if you do a search for it you may find a download.
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User Info: Brandt

8 years ago#5
I've always wondered what prompted the spider to start assaulting my ants with a doom laser.
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User Info: tFighterPilot

8 years ago#6
Oh my god! I can't believe we let it die again! The new thread was aproaching 2 years!

User Info: FrogmasterPaul

8 years ago#7
i loved this game back in the day
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User Info: Devil_Gear

8 years ago#8
Kick ass game back when I played it in computer class.
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User Info: Lord Loofiloo

Lord Loofiloo
8 years ago#9
Eh, the last topic here didn't die, it got modded, presumably because people cared more about posting than discussing SimAnt
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User Info: tFighterPilot

8 years ago#10
So? Can't we have one off topic thread in this board?
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