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User Info: Aerial_Pursuit

8 years ago#21
This topic better not get archived... It would kind of suck to have the "lone SimAnt discussion topic" lose that status.

I'm looking right now at a Sims 3 banner to the right of the boards and just dismaying at how Sim games have devolved over the years. They are Sim in name only. Remember when Sim games would actually SIMulate things? Now they're pretty much just toys for little girls.

User Info: SinisterJaden

8 years ago#22
I got it off abandonia a little while ago and I was very happy.

User Info: tFighterPilot

8 years ago#23
Ya I know what you're saying.

User Info: deathblade32

8 years ago#24
I remember my first play on SimAnt


Me: Man this is great! I wide open grass, our nice civilization, the peaceful ants roaming around. This is the li--

*gets stepped on*

*out of flashback*

WE MUST PUSH LEETLE CART Best thing to say in a supermarket.

User Info: nosamtnecniv666

8 years ago#25
Just found a copy at a yard sale for 25 cents.

User Info: Nomadictrooper

8 years ago#26
I remember that you used to be able to control the spider...Now that was fun...
There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who know binary, and those who don't.

User Info: locashcrack

8 years ago#27
YES i remember playing this at school back in the day, oh yeah and oregon trail
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