thinking to play this, with patch, questions inside

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User Info: maling2000ayam

5 years ago#1
i played nocturne(my favorite), P3 P4 (not that enjoyable IMO), DDS 1 and 2 (okay), DS 1 and 2 (also just okay). i love the dungeon crawling MOAR.....

i know there are glitches if you're using the translation patch, and a solution for these glitches are also present
just a save state before glitch, load pre-patched (that is the JP ROM right?), go through the glitched scene, save state, switched to patched, load save state

the question:
i think that the emulator would differentiate each ROM save state, thus i don't think it's possible to load the save state after switching between the patched and pre-patched
does this mean i have to rename the save states?

i'm planning to play it on my wii, so renaming the save state could be a hassle, but i would do it if there's no other way

another question: the glitch only appear in certain alignment right, if i don't play that alignment then i will encounter no glitch, correct?

and a side question: gamefaqs allows this kind of conversations???? all the topics in this board talk about ROMs and stuff and everything's okay lol

thanks in advance
mosquito 5-0 me

User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#2
Hey there.

First: no, I think the only way to play without finding any glitches is to play the unpatched version. The patch causes several minor annoying glitches which can be avoided by the method you described, as long as you always have many backups. The thing about the Law alignment is that this glitch is specially dangerous and potentially gamebreaker. You'll need a lot of patience to enjoy this game.

Well, first, you got it right, you have to rename the save file.
So I recommend you name it something easy and recognizable, like "SMT [English]" and "SMT [Japanese]".
So if you are playing "SMT [English]", your save file will be "SMT [English].svc", or something like that. You just rename your savefile to "SMT [Japanese].svc" and it'll work with the Japanese ROM. But there's a trick to that. If you are using the regular save slots in the game, you won't find any problems, though.
Now, if you are using an emulator, you'll run into a glitch (The unpatched ROM won't recognize the letters and symbols already on the screen, and will crash upon trying to refresh it. You should, then, perform this exchange in a screen in which there are no English words).
Basically, to avoid that glitch when switching versions, do this every time:

1 - Supposing you are playing the patched version, go to the world map and make a save state.
2 - Change the name of the save state to the name of the unpatched ROM.
3 - Load the unpatched ROM, get through the glitched segment.
4 - Go back to the world map, make a save state.
5 - Change the name of the save state back to the name of the patched version.

You might miss some dialogues because of that, but Re-miel has a very good guide that includes the conversations.

Hint: make MANY backups. And backups for the backups. Each player seems to find different glitches, but the common "danger spots" are the boss battles, the Law alignment path, and some specific events. It's hard to warn about them without giving spoilers, so I can just advice you to make several backups.

About Gamefaqs' policy about these topics, you can check their opinions on "Help > Odds and Ends > Game Piracy: ROMs and Warez".

I hope you enjoy the game (I sure did), and don't hesitate to come back to ask whenever you have a question. If you really can't stand the glitches, give SMT II a try before you give up. It's a very good game, you'll learn relevant things about Nocturne and its patch causes no glitches.

User Info: maling2000ayam

5 years ago#3
hmmmmm, to skip 1 and play 2 OR play 1

thanks for the "no english words on screen" info

well, i never played a game with a translation guide in hand before, that's another option

also about gamebreaker, why is it called that specifically?
what i have in mind is, even if i got the glitch, i can always redo from my last save, or is it not the case?

oh, and since there's remiel's translation, can i use that to play the PS1 or GBA version?
mosquito 5-0 me

User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#4
The Law path can sop you from proceeding entirely. If you find that specific glitch, you may not get the best equipments in the game, you can end up messing your alignment and getting stuck, with no means of correcting it.

But that's the only "very dangerous glitch" and even that can be bypassed. Still, do avoid the law path, for simplicity's sake.

The PSX and GBA versions don't have patches, but if you can stand playing with just a translation guide, you'll be just fine. The PSX version has better overall graphics, it's a quite good port. Also, playing the PSX version with a translation guide will allow you to go through the game without finding any glitches.

"Choose your destiny" then.

User Info: maling2000ayam

5 years ago#5
the thing that fear me the most, aside from ultimate discomfort by playing with a translation guide, is the demon recruitment process

i'll put the idea of playing on hold first, since i doubt i have enough patience to enjoy it to the fullest, after all i haven't cleared nocturne yet
aarrrrghhh, i'll just try it first later, then i'll just figure out whether i have enough patience or not

now with that said, if i skipped the first and play the second, anything significant i would miss?
i highly doubt though that, once i experienced 2, i would return and play 1, since the 2nd can be considered an upgrade

oh and nakr, thanks for the responses, they were so easy to comprehend
mosquito 5-0 me

User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#6
You'd miss a few references about some important happenings, but nothing that would stop you from understanding the other games.

I played SMT If... using a translation guide and recruiting was a MAJOR pain. I admit I abused save states for that (but only that) purpose, it's a shame that If... is always overlooked, it was a very good game. Anyway, unless you really like Dungeon Crawlers, SMT might require more patience than you currently have to spare. All in all, do play SMT II using Aeon Genesis' translation patch, that would help you understand some recurring theories about a few events and characters in Nocturne, there aren't any bugs, the game's very good... Maybe you'll need a guide here and there, but the game's still worth it.

I'd recommend you at least start. See if you like the first person view, the battle system, the pace of the story, the graphics... SMT I can be ruthless sometimes, so if you have to drag yourself around, chances are you won't stand having to reset somewhat often because of the challenging random encounters in some areas. Personally, I really like SMT I (I even wrote the Majin guide about the rarest enemies and equipments in the game, and that's my only guide yet), but it requires colossal amounts of patience.

Even if you decide not to play SMT I, I would still recommend reading Re-Miel's translation guide. Or just ask around this board or SMT II's about anything that you are curious about regarding the relation between the games.

And don't mention it, I'm glad I could help.

User Info: maling2000ayam

5 years ago#7
okay, i'm about to start playing it on my wii, hope i'll survive

o yeah, i know i can name my character(s?), are there already canon names or names from novelization or such?
mosquito 5-0 me

User Info: maling2000ayam

5 years ago#8
okay, looks like i don't have that much of patience after all

looks like i got bad ROM, or perhaps the patch is not meant to be played on wii, or any other reasons
anyway, i'm skipping the first and moving on to 2, i'll post stuffs there if i have some questions
mosquito 5-0 me

User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#9
There were canon names, but I never paid attention to them, I picked my own names.

Now, perhaps you'll want to close this thread and move to the SMT II board. I think it's more active.

User Info: spacec0wgoesmoo

5 years ago#10
Spoiler Free Glitch Guide:

At all times:
Keep your inventory clutter free; delete all your Magic Stones and Orbs whenever you get more than one stack of them. Why? If your inventory is full when you receive a Key Item, you won't receive it and your game will be ruined if you save.

If you want to buy guns at the start of the game:
You can't. You'll spend the last 75% of the game using nothing but guns though, so don't worry.

When you are faced with an unending horde of Zombies:
They are not supposed to be unending. However, if you kill them all in 2 turns you can pass. This is SMT; level up a bit, create new battle strategies and enjoy the challenge!

When you are asked to receive the Law Baptism:
Memorize the dialog options, then jump over to an unpatched Japanese ROM and do it there. Save your game and return to the Translation Patch. This bug can be avoided by taking the Neutral or Chaos paths. It is not game-breaking, but you miss out on a great set of armor, and your Alignment will take a big dive towards Chaos.

When you are trying to save an Octopus:
Memorize the dialog options, then jump over to an unpatched Japanese ROM and do it there. Save your game and return to the Translation Patch. This bug can be avoided by taking the Neutral or Chaos paths. It is not game-breaking, but you can't progress on the Law path until you get around it.
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