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User Info: Coketastic

8 years ago#1
Power Geyser: qcb,db,f+SP+WK
Supersonic Swirl: hold d, then qcf+WK+SK
Screw Upper: f,b,db,d,df+SP+WK
Fire Breath: f,df,d,db,f+SP+WK
Dynamite Spinecruncher: hold db, then d,df+SP+WK when close
Bursting Heavens: hold db, then qcf+SP+WK
Phoenix Fury: qcb,db,f+WK+SK
Super Ninja Bee: f,db,f+SP+WK
Break Spiral: hcf,uf,d+SP+WK when close
Iron Hurricane: f,df,d,u+SP+WK
Fire Wheel Blast: qcf,hcb,ub+WP+SP
"F*** You Up!": b,f,df,d,db,uf+SP+WK
Bloody Flash: df,hcf,db,f+WK+SK
Raising Storm: db,hcb,df+SP+WK
Kaiser Wave: hold b, then uf+WP+SP
Dragon-Tiger Onslaught: qcb,db,f+WK+SK

Kickin it 1993 Style!

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