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Medusa Build (From a fairly good pubber)

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User Info: Lock1454

9 years ago#1
I'm an active pub player that does pretty well most of the time. Play for a few hours on a typical day. So, I'm the only person I've ever seen build (more so the items than the skill build - I just added the my preferred skill progression for the hell of it) Medusa as I do. I'm really just posting to see if anyone else goes this path or has seen someone do this O.o

*Start - 2x Circlets, Tango
*Obliv Staff
*Gloves of Haste, Belt of Giant Str -> Treads
*2x Slippers of Agility -> 2x Wraith Bands
*2x Obliv Staves -> Orchid
*Helm of Dom after one or two of the previous items are gotten

Which items are gotten and in which order they are bought are dependent on the the heroes in the game. If your team has very little in the way of stun/slowing, go for skadi first. Does the other team have alot of agi gankers / stun lockers? Go for a butterfly. Rad/MKB/Buriza are flavor luxuries that I pick up in I feel like it usually.

1 -Chain
2 - Shield
3 - Chain
4 - Shield
5 - Chain
6 - Purge
7 - Chain
8 - Shield
9 - Shield
10 - Stats
11 - Purge
12 - Stats
12-15 - Split
16 - Purge
17-25 Stats

I like maxing lightning first because of it's very nice range. I can't count the number of times I've gotten off a lethal lightning on a fleeing target that has gotten out of my attack range. It also provides a relatively safe method of harassing your opposing laner/s early on. Many people like leaving chain out due to it pretty much taking away from your health pool (gogo mana shield), but with the orchid - you have plenty of mana regen and a decent sized max pool.

That brings me to (if needing to) defending the Orchid. I don't see why I haven't seen this on other Medusas, it fits in quite nicely I think with the hero. First off, it has a great progression - getting the sobis / robes / quarters are very nice incremental upgrades that doesn't have you hitting usefulness plateaus due to saving. Now the Orchid itself: it provides +dmg, +AS, +int and +regen.... Oh yeah, and did I mention the curse which silences and gives +20% dmg to an opponent? It has alot of useful aspects that a Medusa could want, it gives you extra damage as well as extra staying power due to keeping your mana shield up longer.

So, yeah... Anyone else see a Orchid Wielding Medusa? O.o

tl:dr - I play Medusa who gets Orchid as the first high tier item. Anyone else do or see someone else do this? O.o

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User Info: Marz

9 years ago#2
I think it's a bad move to go chain lightning/shield, because using one severely diminishes the use of the other. I'd say go shield/stats, or if you really want chain lightning.. then stats/CL.

As far as radiance being a luxury item, it's a farming item, and should really only be gotten either as a first item or not at all. that's just my opinion. any time I play Dusa, I usually go stats/shield, and chill in my lane until I have to hit the fountain. since it's a pub, I often am able to sit in my lane till I hit 3800 gold, so I grab a relic even before boots.

User Info: cactusjack23

9 years ago#3

1 -Chain
2 - Shield

topic over

User Info: matheson

9 years ago#4
leave shield lvling until atleast after you have an oblivion staff. Minimum lvl 8 even with your build.
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User Info: XL-250

9 years ago#5
lol going shield/chain is one of the biggest noob mistakes -_-

User Info: Lordaeron86

9 years ago#6
Medusa Build (From a fairly good pubber)

Stopped reading there.
"whats a gsers?" - Minniboobs (A GSer)

User Info: Lock1454

9 years ago#7
Stopped reading there, yet still managed to click on the thread and post a reply - good on ya!

And the reason I go for chain and shield is so I can go with whichever I need at the time. Usually ends up with me keeping mana shield up and tossing out a chain on a nearly dead hero who is out of attack range. As 86 so astutely pointed out, this is against pubbers, so I don't necessarily have to bring the A+ TDA early game uber build to maintain the lane or live through ganks. O.o
ASUS a8n32-SLi Deluxe, AMD x2 4200+, XFX 8800GT 512mb, 2 gigz Corsair XMS PC3200, Audigy 2, 2x 160gig 7200rpm HDs, Windows XP 32-bit

User Info: XL-250

9 years ago#8
well isnt the point to improve?

i really hate it when people try to cover up their flaws by saying well im just playing pubs..

User Info: Lock1454

9 years ago#9
To improve, not really. I was originally just planning on asking if anyone else uses Orchid on Medusa. But then I figured the entire pub v tda/pro/whatever would come up, so I added that. Then I figured that alot of people wouldn't quite 'get' where I was coming from with my liking for the Orchid - and this all turned into that brick of text O.o

And I use the pub excuse because, well frankly, it's truthful. I've played in 2 TDA games and my team and I got plowed. Someone calls MIA then all of a sudden (to my chagrin) we had 3 heroes diving our tower and killing us as we screamed bloody murder =P These things, usually, don't happen in a pub O.o
ASUS a8n32-SLi Deluxe, AMD x2 4200+, XFX 8800GT 512mb, 2 gigz Corsair XMS PC3200, Audigy 2, 2x 160gig 7200rpm HDs, Windows XP 32-bit

User Info: nyckster1026

9 years ago#10
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