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Dota 2 Console Commands

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User Info: Rhylos

5 years ago#1
There are hundreds of commands you can use to shape and change Dota 2. Using a console command only affects your current session though, and would have to be re-entered every time you start. By creating an autoexec.cfg file in your dota 2 folder, you can have the game implement any amount of preset console commands on every start up.

To create an autoexec.cfg file, go to your cfg folder in your steam folder. Should be like this:

steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/cfg

Create a notepad, save it as autoexec.cfg. Copy and paste the following:

//enables the console
con_enable 1

Now when you start dota 2, the console will be enabled. Here are some other commands you can (or should) add to your autoexec.cfg file:

//Shows the range of your spells: 0= When clicked to use the spell 1= When mouse is over spell icon
dota_disable_range_finder 0

This is very helpful to me. When you hit a skill like magic magic missle, it creates a green arrow from your hero to your curser. If the arrow is dark green and solid, you're within range. If the arrow is light green and faded, you're not within range. This works with clocks hookshot, which is nearly cheating. The only skills (that I've noticed so far) that it doesn't work for is blink and pudge's hook.

//Enables right click deny: 0= off 1= on
dota_force_right_click_attack 1

No longer do you have to hit a + right click, now you can just right click to deny.

//automatically joins channel lota
chat_join lota

For some reason this doesn't work the first time you use it, but it does on subsequent startups.

The rest of commands have been shamelessly stolen from reddit.

dota_minimap_hero_size 700 - will make the size of the hero dot on the minimap as big as you want. Default = 600.

dota_always_show_player_names - 0 will disable, 1 will enable player name on top of health bars. Default = 0.

dota_hud_healthbars - 1 will make your health smoother without the lines you see on health bars (the blocks in the health that divides at around 200 life per block). 3 will enable it back on and 0 will make all health bars disappear, the others do nothing apparently. Default = 3.

dota_unit_use_player_color - As the command suggests, it colors it player either individually or an unified color by team. 1 Enables individual colors, 0 Team color. Default = 1.

dota_player_units_auto_attack - This is in the settings, but I find it too darn useful. 0 Will stop auto-attacking and only attacks IF you click to attack, whereas 1 will auto-attack at all possible times. Default = 1.

dota_camera_accelerate 49 - This will make the camera stop exactly where you want it, 0 will make you unable to move your camera. Thanks uw_NB and Pyros.

dota_health_per_vertical_marker 200 - This will determine how much health you wish to divide the vertical lines by. In the demonstration value it will draw a line each 200 health, but you can choose your own value.

tv_nochat 1 - Disable spectator chat, which can really be annoying some times. Thanks Shabazza

How to change your icon.

This is the only command that I know of that you don't have to put into the autoexec file. Do it once and it stays that way until you change it again. While in a game (just do it with bots,) open the console and type in one of the following:

dota_set_avatar 0 - Default
dota_set_avatar 1 - Crystal Maiden
dota_set_avatar 2 - Kunkka
dota_set_avatar 3 - Faceless Void
dota_set_avatar 4 - Furion
dota_set_avatar 5 - Yurnero
dota_set_avatar 6 - Bloodseeker
dota_set_avatar 7 - Lich
dota_set_avatar 8 - Axe
dota_set_avatar 9 - Pudge
dota_set_avatar 10 - Puck

When you exit the game, your icon will be changed. Your new icon will only be visible to you, though other people will see it when you invite them to your party.

User Info: Chaap

5 years ago#2
accept the friend request i sent you 5 years ago
Some people are just dumb

User Info: Rhylos

5 years ago#3
What's your steam name? I may have ignored it; I get a lot of unsolicited friend invites from people I have no friends in common with.

User Info: Chaap

5 years ago#4
All Day
Some people are just dumb

User Info: Zelda911

5 years ago#5
This stuff is like wizardry.
I'm stalking ...

User Info: Crossfiyah

5 years ago#6
Is there a command to show enemy mana bars?
"CROSSFIYAAAAAAH!" counter: More times than you've had hot meals and been laid, combined

User Info: Ootawata

5 years ago#7
Crossfiyah posted...
Is there a command to show enemy mana bars?

I have a feeling everything is cosmetic only. Though showing mana bars would be nice. I wonder how/where these commands were discovered.
You've lost the game. Exciting.

User Info: Rhylos

5 years ago#8
A quick google search says that no, there isn't a way to see enemy mana bars. Another command I've added to my autoexec file is:

dota_health_per_vertical_marker 1000

Makes it easier to tell how much hp everyone has. When someone has 2300 hp, instead of looking at the hp bar and thinking "dang that's a lot of little bars I wonder how much hp he has," having each bar be 1000 hp makes it easier to tell "oh hey that enemy has a bit more than 2k hp."

Ootawata posted...
Crossfiyah posted...
Is there a command to show enemy mana bars?

I have a feeling everything is cosmetic only. Though showing mana bars would be nice. I wonder how/where these commands were discovered.

If you've got some time for trial and error, try these out in a bot game or something.

User Info: CyoX

5 years ago#9
very useful
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