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User Info: Darkmoon06

6 years ago#1
Im playing on Hard Mode 3 and am on the second fight where you have to run from Mutikapa. I can fight all day long but running while being surrounded by these Kimamau is driving me INSANE. They get two turns, have as long a run distance as Hakuoro, and have a head start. Anywhere I move they surround me (or if you're really unlucky just kill you on the first turn) and if I don't move Mutikapa catches up and does me in really quick.

Seriously, give me a giant army to fight over this evil no healer, run for your life stuff any day.

Ah well, does anybody know what the best approach is because as far as I can tell there just isn't anywhere on the map you can get to they can't reach faster than you (thanks to the two turns they receive). I've tried luring them off with Teoro and Eruruw but again while this works one wrong move and they're after Hakuoro again or Mutikapa has caught up.

Help please!
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User Info: Ethan_Silver

6 years ago#2
The difference in difficulty between hard 1 and 3 is pretty brutal at times... :)

The trick really is to use Teoro and Eruru to lure them. For your first turn, don't have Hakuoro move as far as he can or he'll be isolated and surrounded. Instead, have Teoro move as far down and towards the right side as he can, and have Hakuoro a bit behind him. You'll end up with a clear path leading down for Hakuoro and can use Teoro to get in the way of the other monkeys. As for Eruru, she's monkey-bait and good for one heal at most...

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