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User Info: Mezmorize99

7 years ago#1
Need for Speed, The [NTSC-U] [SLUS-00204]

Gear Modifier
3011AEDC 00??

01=2nd etc.

View Modifier
30111A44 000?

1=Outside (Car Not Visible)
2=Outside Close
3=Outside Far
4=Replay Far
5=Replay Close

Example Code:
Camera progressively gets further away the faster you go
30111A44 0000
D011AEDC 0000
30111A44 0001
D011AEDC 0001
30111A44 0002
D011AEDC 0002
30111A44 0003
D011AEDC 0003
30111A44 0005
D011AEDC 0004
30111A44 0004

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