AW: What do all the skills mean?

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User Info: The Kamikaze

The Kamikaze
7 years ago#1
DRIBBLE - you can turn a lot faster when having the ball(rotate stick)
FEINT - with a sudden dash(direction+c-down) you can literally walk through opponents
MIDDLE - the Middle Shot which is the cheapest way for goals(press and hold all the way up or down while outside the box and hold B)
LONG - a shot from an even longer distance
THROUGH - perfects the passing with C-Up(or R+C-Up) to break through the enemy defence
HEADING - makes headings more powerful
DIVE(Heading) - makes dive headings more powerful
VOLLEY - makes volley shots more powerful
OVER(head) - makes overhead shots/"bicycle kicks" more powerful
POST - makes post shots fatal(it's the shot where they sort of step over with one leg and make a distinct shot with the other one when the ball is pretty low)
LOOPING - makes looping over the keeper easier(direction away from goal and B)
MARKING - makes the player a better marker(see Defence menu)
SLIDING - improves sliding tackles

the almighty ones here are Middle Shot and maybe Feint because if perfected they're cheap and the opponent can't do a thing about it
You can only win if you dare!
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