What happened to JUE?

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User Info: rudeboyrg4

8 years ago#1
Can someone here who remembers or has been around long enough please tell me what happened to JUE? You know, the J-Thunder Board. I haven't been on gamefaqs for a long time and when I came back, I noticed the JUE (J-thunder) board went missing. Did it migrate or disappear? What's going on?
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User Info: Rendar5

8 years ago#2
Wow, you're right.... It's not even on my favorites list anymore. That is odd. The last time I visited the board was a few months ago and there were barely any topics or posts there. Maybe it just got purged?

Ps-how is the wife and baby?
Every sun has to set.

User Info: Ryu Master

Ryu Master
8 years ago#3
Its been ages since I visited here or J-Thunder... lol

How are you guys doing?
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