Tensei Ranka

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User Info: elektrakampush

8 years ago#1
I love it. It's a very competant anti-air Super Move and it allows three stocks, which
I like to use for EX moves. Everyone else seems to hate it.
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User Info: Darkyellow327

8 years ago#2
The hits aren't consistent, the damage is lacking, the super is harder to combo, and Chun-Li isn't very ex reliant are a few reasons I can think of as to why people dont like it. I also think if you're worried about anti-air, kikousho does a better job
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User Info: Kuroyume

8 years ago#3
Easy to parry out of as well.

The reason everyone beats off to SA2 is that it covers a huge, huge deficiency in Chun's game. She has no real combos or danger to her without meter (for SA2), so without that super at all the opponent is free to just bully her all day. Worst-case scenario you get thrown.
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User Info: RAEN74

8 years ago#4
good thing she can have two wohle bars of utter mass destruction. Otherwise where would our world be today?
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User Info: marchefelix

8 years ago#5
It sucks that she doesn't have the Ten Shou Kyaku (the up kicks). She could have had the Hazan TenShouKyaku (super up kicks) instead of the lame Tensei Ranka.
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