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User Info: OhGodDeadDog

9 years ago#1

I loved ZZT back in the day. Sure, Unreal Tournament is great, but I miss the days of Epic MegaGames. Megazeux was really damn awesome as well. Super ZZT wasn't really as good, though. The giant characters reminded me of Duplo Blocks, like they were designed to be big because I was stupid or something. XD

Nowadays I do most of my game making in RPG Maker 2, gave up on real programming, and haven't used any of these old tools in a long time. Even RPG Maker 2 I haven't done much with. However, I know the potential for what you can do with it is immense, so one day I hope to make some good stuff.

I want to go back some day and make some ZZT stuff. I remember the last thing I worked on was an incomplete Spongebob game. You started out at Spongebob's house, fed Gary, went to the Krusty Krab, and soon found yourself murdering Squidward and burying Mr. Krabs alive under the Chum Bucket. That's as far as I ever got. As a kid, I made a shooting gallery game where you kill Barney clones, while my friend made a version with Blue from Blue's Clues.

We also made some cool 2P games, especially in Megazeux, and loved working with all the great stuff in the ZZT Toolkits. I think console gaming could really benefit from something as simple as ZZT becoming mainstream.

I've always said I hate AOL, and I still do and haven't used it in years, but I have to admit if it wasn't for their keyword: games, I would've missed out on literally hundreds of great old computer games. Praise be to Tim Sweeney and Steve Moraff for making cool games that I played as a kid.

I'm still haunted by three old computer games that I may never be able to find again. It's probably been over a decade now, who knows? I'd love somebody to help me out here, if you know.

One was a Dos game that may have been called Arena or Eye of the Beholder, I'm not really sure. You were on a tile map from a top-down view, and you took turns summoning units like Eye of the Beholder and Brownies and stuff. It had a really cool title screen with a bunch of the characters.

Another was also a Dos game, I have no idea what it was called. It was a turn-based board game. You had a bunch of balls in these little platforms, and you moved stuff around. It was layed out kind of like this:


There were also cute little spiders that hatched out of eggs. I think there was also voice overs for the character selection, but it may have been a separate game I'm looking for. One of the characters was a French man who introduced himself by saying "I am Le Chat".

One was this game with a theme of the four elementals, and you had to get to the goal on each screen. I don't remember much more than that, but I liked it.
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