Math Band names *REVIVED*

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User Info: daniel39

7 years ago#1
There was a topic here I remember with people coming up with band names related to mathematics
The ones I liked were:

The Eigenvectors
Solids of Revolution
Integral Transforms
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User Info: spoon737

7 years ago#2
Transcendental Elements (new age music)
Simplex Method (for a rap/metal crossover band)
A Hamiltonian Path (totally emo)
Cross Product (definitely Christian rock)
The Klein Four Group (barbershop quartet?)
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User Info: zaqwsx99221

7 years ago#3
The Nodes of Ranvier (bio instead of math, but still)

User Info: Slime_Knight

7 years ago#4
The Monster Group (needs lots of members)
Homotopic to Zero
Smooth Operators
Double Dual
Pointless Topology
CW Complex
Hawaiian Earring
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User Info: bbob060

7 years ago#6
the Mobius band (groan)
blow up scheme
exceptional supergroup
radical ideals
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User Info: Xshortguy007

7 years ago#7
The Klein Four Group... oh wait. or

User Info: XiahouDun73

7 years ago#8
^ I don't know if this is what you're referring to, but

Not bad stuff. Sorry if it's been posted before.

User Info: Appleframer

7 years ago#9
Yeah.. that's the reference.
Cauchys Inequality 7 years ago#10
I think peebles posted "Killing Field" the last time this topic came up. I still haven't come up with a better one than that.

But in the math pinball game, you need to increase your Lagrange Multiplier for a high score.
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