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User Info: borgor

8 years ago#1

Sorry for taking so long, I really didn't think I would translate the whole game by myself at first until my best friend hit me up with that silly idea (and that bum didn't do anything in the end asides from a menu translation ; ;).

Anyways, the last part probably sounds kind of weird since I rushed a bit but there shouldn't be any major mistakes. The PSP remake is due next week but the original story in it should be the exact same. I don't plan on translating the added storyline unless really no one else is willing to do it but I'll wait to see if someone picks up the game first. There are currently rumors about Xseed bringing the remake or Atlus USA might announce it later this year as well.

Have fun with this awesome game!
Kururu : Antatachi...ikite ta no? Nande? Douyatte?
Crowdia&Gao&Mio : Datte madjo da mon! (Little Princess)

User Info: clarkadam

8 years ago#2
It's translated!!!! THank you, thank you x100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to the trillionth power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Info: Lucethira

8 years ago#3
Kudos to you! It's awful that any one who was going to help with it bailed out on you. *chuckle*

I know it's late in the stage, but I could offer to do some alternate characters' fireworks/endings translations if it isn't already easy enough for you to just do yourself. (I'm getting Ruise ending, and I want to do Ariost next.)

I've also been filling in little blanks into the translation, such as having Ariost in party at certain dialogues and whatnot.

If you're going to follow up with the romhacking thing I'd also love to try to help with NPC blabbering and such, to get the patch as thorough as possible.

User Info: baka_angel

8 years ago#4
Oh, Borgor, thanks, sooooo....much...
Lucethira, please do so pleaaassseee....@.@

*Sigh* if only Atlus picking up Precarious World .........

User Info: borgor

8 years ago#5
sure Luce, if you got some endings translated feel free to send them, there aren't much work indeed but I suck at writing romance anyway, so your help on those is welcome XD

I'll let you know if that patch project is still alive.
Kururu : Antatachi...ikite ta no? Nande? Douyatte?
Crowdia&Gao&Mio : Datte madjo da mon! (Little Princess)

User Info: Shouta

8 years ago#6
Wow, grats on finishing it man, and just in time for the enhanced port.

User Info: FD3S

8 years ago#7
You're the man, borgor - though after seeing your Langrisser V translation, I'm not all that surprised :)

Also, Ariost/Misha is actually canon (in a sense)? Did not see that coming.
It's not a dream. FD3S is real!

User Info: borgor

8 years ago#8
yes, Ariost admits he loves her quite early in the game too. It hints it at first and it's fun to see the disgusted reaction of Tippi when she realises he's talking about Misha lol

According to the choices you make in that event Ariost and Carmaine can be "love rivals" even^^;
I wonder if he still marries her if you choose to end the game with him? XD
Kururu : Antatachi...ikite ta no? Nande? Douyatte?
Crowdia&Gao&Mio : Datte madjo da mon! (Little Princess)

User Info: gilthedruid

8 years ago#9
is there any way to put this directly in the the game so i don't have to bring up the internet every time i play.

User Info: seiryu2007

8 years ago#10
Yeah,there is a way

That is to wait for someone to make a patch
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