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User Info: calvinw20

7 years ago#1
hello guys, I just started playing FE 776 on elite mode. I'm currently at chapter 5, and would like to know whether or not I can beat or take the items from the big 3 in the middle of the map aka the bosses.

the strongest character I have on my team at the moment is leaf at level 14 with stats in the mid 14-15~~

User Info: Distant_Rainbow

7 years ago#2
Big 3? You mean Leidrick, Berdo, and Galzus?

For Leidrick and Berdo, you can't even get to them, so forget it.

As for Galzus, well, here's the deal. Attack him at your own risk, and I'd thank you afterwards if you'd share your tale of how he completely ripped your entire army to crimson shreds, all by himself. The safest way is to let that sleeping beast alone; he isn't interested in you anyway.

You'll see Galzus again in Chapter 6, where you at least now have a chance of capturing him for his awesome weapon using mounted units with RNG abuse. However, Galzus is more predisposed to rush and kill you all in that chapter, so suit yourself.
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