Frankenstein and Death

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User Info: Sun_Woo

5 years ago#1
I'm having huge problems defeating both, sometimes i get lucky and defeat Frankenstein with a II or III block. No such luck with death.
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User Info: TriforceSD

5 years ago#2
I am a very good player at this and Dracula's Curse, but that Frankenstein battle is one that I have NEVER been able to defeat unless I had Holy Water with the III Block to nuke him.

Death is much easier than Frankie.'s the same strategy as I use in the 3rd game. Always a Boomerang 3 block. Use the boomerang to take care of the sickles and death at the same time.
This battle will make your blood boil. Good luck!

User Info: wiisixty

5 years ago#3
I have been battling with these two bosses for a few days now. I've played so much I can almost do all the stages leading up to frankenstein blind folded...I have found that using the platforms to dodge the hunch back is the best way to defeat him if you don't have holy water. However, sometimes it seems like the hunchback used a totally different pattern. I think that depending on where you hit and freeze the hunch back alters it's pattern. The key is to focus on dodging the hunchback and his bullets first and just whip frankie when you have a clear shot.
Death on the other hand I can not get past. Usually I die on my way to him so I will start in the room with the cross, but I can't find any II or III blocks because I'm too busy killing those damn knights. So does any one have a good strategy to defeat death with just a basic cross and he whip?
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