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(message deleted)

User Info: kupokopu

8 years ago#492
244 weeks.
I post therefore I am.

User Info: Larry Laffer

Larry Laffer
8 years ago#493
All right, this is it. I seriously doubt this topic will survive until october 12 (my 1st post 4 years ago) so this will be my last message. Please kupokupo, don't make another topic. It would force me to check this board once more for 4 years :)

"We need chicks that don't suck...."
"...uh... wait a minute... that's not what I meant."
(message deleted)

User Info: SilentCaay

8 years ago#495
One last post. :( It was a great thread, Kupo. More dedication than I would have. Thanks for the memories. I'll remember this topic every time I play Alley Cat... Which is never, really... Heh, good times.
"We won. We must have been right." - Aeon Flux
(message deleted)

User Info: Arch_Evil

8 years ago#497
The day is drawing near, one of the oldest topics on GameFAQs will come to an end.

Proud member of Frozen Shadow:

User Info: Lobomoon

8 years ago#498
Almost 500!!!

User Info: mastahjebus

8 years ago#499
I AM...
Oh man, I hated 9-11. There was no good TV on for like.... three weeks

User Info: poop_corn

8 years ago#500
PC Hardware board Folding@Home Team: 130787
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