Learning MP Techs

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User Info: phantomgamer01

9 years ago#1
Ok... so I just got back into this game after swearing I'd never bother picking it up again (bought it to play with my brother and it just never stuck with us). After tinkering around with it, I FINALLY managed to finish Death Valley alone. After trying (and failing by 35) Undead Yard, I'm level a level 21 Guilmon and figuring I'll just push my way up to 27 for my Red Moon (a) and try again. Blast is 42 and Force is 107 (thanks to trying/failing Undead Yard...) and I... don't remember exactly how I got Petty Power Down.

From what I gather from the forums, you gain new mp techs by leveling up the techs from your other skills but I can't find it written anywhere if that's right or when I should expect to see another MP Tech (if at all). So... yeah... if someone could lay out exactly how one learns MP techs, an idea of when the new techs should be expected, and maybe an idea of what techs I should be expecting from Guilmon, that'd be really awesome.

Never was a fan of Kaburterimon anyway and stab seems much cooler than crush... so I'll probably be rockin the Guilmon until I finish normal mode anyway...

Thanks. Sorry for being a bother ><

User Info: StarZXKnight

9 years ago#2
Umm just level up your guilmon by 1
then look at your mp techs :P

User Info: freedom_yamato8

9 years ago#3
Any digimon, can do the job, I just suggest about your choice of weaponry, I suggest you get a 2 handed stab weapon intead of one. And I'm pretty sure that you should have a Double Rapier by your side.
Playing: Digimon World 4, Digimon World DS, Dusk & Digimon Rumble Arena 2
Pokemon Diamond, PMD2: EOT, Pokemon Ranger
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